The injury of the sea eagle is relatively common, plus the replacement running guards that have been successful, and the current ground offensive of the sea eagle is very worried, and the team’s offensive ball points are also reduced. Although the injury of the defensive group is generally, it is basically able to come to the next game.

“We are pleased to announce that Frank Leak will become a coach in Indianapolis.” Jim Irsay, “Jim Irsay,” Frank, “” Frank has all the qualities of success: wisdom, innovation, Noble character, organizational ability, leadership talents and command talents. His reputation is also very good, his experience and work experience make him the most suitable candidate. Can let him join the Pony, become a club member I feel very lucky. “


Luke Wilson is still in the brain shock and cannot be played. Run Marshawn Lynch Abdominal injury, this Wednesday has decided whether it will be in the field before recovering the training. Defensive Director Michael Bennett toe injury, doubt. Safety Weikam – Kam Chancellor) pelvic injury, doubtful. Defensive Director Jordan Hill toe injury, doubts. External handle Thaler-Rocket, cutah, Russell Okung, calf, sick, sick.

As a player, Lake’s most famous battle comes cheap jerseys From China the 1992-1993 season card, then he led Buffalo Bier to complete the Houston Oilman (35-3 in the third section, but then completed 38 -3 score reversal competition).

The proximal front-ended Gronoski satisfaction alliance relaxed to celebrate the action restriction

New England Patriots near Robert Gronkowski’s career has achieved a total of 69 times, but the next time he reaches it.

The steel man will send Brown to the raid, and the third round and the fifth erase of the raids this year. Brown will also rebuild your contract. According to NFL official website, Ian RapoPort reported that Brown and raids were 3 years, with a value of 50125 million US dollars, the highest value of 54.125 million US dollars, including $ 30125,000 guarantee income. This contract allows Brown to become the highest payroll of the league.

Former Pony Clock Fribfina Join Saint

New Orleans Saint 4 points, Drew Brees, recently lost the near-end Penjamin Watson and the outer handard Mark Colston. Then, the first important signing of the Saint, after the free player market is opened, should make him happy.

We need to see the specific structure of the contract to make a complete evaluation of the contract, but it seems that the saints do a pen and sell, they add a new weapon to the superfluous offensive group that is going to the young ball. Next year’s key pick-up hand will be Brandin Cooks, Willie Snead, Brandon Coleman and Fritna, and run Mark Ingram and CJ Spiller.

Pony chose to renew Judena in Dwayne Allen, with a large contract. Allen is a more comprehensive proximal front, and Fritna is actually a large number. Fritna only acquired 491 yards last season, and he obtained the highest 774 yards in his career in 2014.

“I have no plans, I really never considered this kind of thing, but I want to relax and have a great set,” Geloski said. “I think this can make the fan to see what they want to see. In the preseason, you have seen many players who have seen many players who have seen a cool celebration. So I am excited about the relaxation rules, excitement Going to players can get this treatment, excited fans can see what they want to see and see some extra celebrations in Dalian Zone. “

That’s because NFL has now relaxed for the restrictions on the celebration, which has created more possibilities for the players who get the Daren. However, Gronoski said that he has not considered any special celebration. But he said that he was very pleased that the Alliance agreed to relax restrictions.

The number of black panther injuries is not much. The running guard is that Stewart can play the ground attack on the black leopard. The Jean is the relatively stable ball of the season. His injury is also attacked. The group has little effect, the defensive group lacks an experienced corner guard, which may have a lot of second-line defensive stress in the black panther.

Saints announced a 5-year contract to sign the close-edge fleener. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that this contract is $ 36 million. The front of the old Indianapolis pony should be very suitable for Bris.


Run Jonathan Stewart foot injury, restricted training, doubts. External hand Teddy – Jr. Jean (TED Ginn JR.) knee injury resume training. Survival of Star Lotulelei, Snorrhalley. Safety Wei Kurt – Kurt Coleman’s foot injury, did not participate in the team training, doubtful. Thomas Davis is expected to play. Corps Tillman Knee Cross ligament torn, event.

Guolian partition Saihai Eagle VS black panther forward-looking (injury record)

Seattle Hawien’s National Federal Semi-finals on the Fall of the Carolina will start on January 18th. The following is the injury information summary of the two teams as of January 13.