The correct answer is D. more time than you think you will need.

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Writing project refers to the project which involves expressing the views on any significant topic in writing. There are certain rules which are required to be considered. Writing involves the way of representing the ideas which revolve beyond the topic. The four distinct steps are required to follow to write. Prewriting, drafting, revising and editing are the four basic steps involved in the writing process. The process of prewriting involves the process of thinking, collecting information, discussing the topic and taking the notes related to the topic. This is the first process which includes the collection of the ideas and data. Drafting is the second step in which the ideas are converted into written format. The ideas are explained and the connection is made between the arguments made. The Revising process includes giving an effective touch to write up. The process of refining the prose occurs in this stage. Also, the arguments are made clear and explicit to make them understandable. The editing process covers the step of grammar, spelling and punctuation error in the write-up. This is the last process involved in the whole writing process. A writing project involves a lot of time as it is estimated. The four-step process takes more time as it is intended by the writer.

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