I had this same test but I did not have the same question for 23 on there, sorry, but if i had to guess i would say d. bewilder means like confuseor puzzel but im not 100% sure if that is the answer, but the bottom ones i know for sure are the correct answers because i had gotten them all right on my test.

24. the ironic part about the gift of the magi is A jim and della both sacfricie their prize possessitions for the other and yet their gifts are now useless. he sold his watch and della sold her hair. he got her combs while she got him i think it would be a chain dkfs. but the answer is A for this one.  

25. I think is D. Mathilde lost the necklace and spent 10 years to pay for a new one but at the end found out the necklace was fake.

26 C the gronola bar had a shiny wrapper that she ate.

27. wary and trusting are antonyms so it would be B.