One of the biggest commonalities between these two tribal myths of creation, the Maori from New Zeland, and the Haida in the Pacific Northwest Coast, particularly Canada and Alaska, is the description of how the stars were created. In both mythologies, the stars, moon, sun, planets, all appear from one being who almost basically releases them. The rest of creation differs on who started, how, or why.


The Maori is a group of people conformed by various different tribes, settled mostly in New Zeland, and still present today. Their religious beliefs, and especially myths of creation, may differ from one Maori tribe to the other, but in general, there is one commonality among them, and that is, the appearance and creation of the stars, the sun and the moon. The Haida, also, had various stories for how creation initiated, how the lands, the animals and people began. But like the Maori, they too show the same common denominator: the creation of the stars, moon and sun.