Correct answer:

B) They rarely had any rights and lived like second-class citizens in their own nation.

The aim of imperialism was to exercise control over another nation. Imperialism was pursued by European nations in other parts of the world, notably Africa and Asia, as the Europeans competed with one another one another for power and prestige. Amassing colonial holdings contributed to that power and prestige.  There was also much economic competition as each nation sought to expand its markets and enrich its companies and merchants and nation as a whole.

So, if you understand the motives and goals of imperialism in that way, it’s no surprise that the imperialists were not focused on the rights of the local peoples. Imperialists did seek to train locals in matters of business and governing, but that was more for the sake of advancing the imperialists’ success in the locations where they were operating. They were not focused on the rights of Africans or Indians or Southeast Asians themselves, for their own sake.