This may seem harsh, but honestly, we can never solve these problems. The plant diet is most likely to help animals not get killed, right? Well, sadly, even if all of Texas stops eating meat, there are millions of states and countries that will still eat meat. Currently, there are 7.4 billion people living, so even if 10,000 stopped, it would make no difference. For global warming, people may cut down on driving and things like that, but we need certain things that are made in factories, and we need cars and all that stuff. Deforestation? Forget about it. People are very selfish and they want more and more land for themselves and they want to build more establishments. They don’t care about animals losing their homes and they don’t think about how trees are our oxygen supply and their cutting them down.Cancers and disease is different. Science has made some pretty amazing breakthroughs, but you certainly can’t completely rely on it to cure everything. They may be able to decrease our chances of getting those illnesses, but I highly doubt that they can completely cure it.