How to trade. Binary options trading is a new trading opportunity, an affordable way to make money on financial assets with a low barrier of entry. Of course, like any other financial instrument, binary options trading carries risks. Like any other financial instrument, binary options trading requires skills, working instruments, practice, and a well-thought-out approach. Making money on binary options is real when you know how to do it right. The legality of best forex binary options brokers options depends on the legislation in a certain country.

In some countries, binary options trading is restricted as it is considered gambling. For example, binary options trading is prohibited in India, Sweden, Slovakia. In other countries, like Thailand and Malaysia, the binary options are absolutely legal. That’s why before starting to trade you should study the legislation of your country. If there is no local broker that works with binary options, pay attention to the international platforms which work all over the world.

Many novice traders ask — are the binary options real gambling or betting? The answer is no. There is an essential difference between binary options trading and betting on sport or cybersport. Trading is a financial activity when you should learn how the market works and which assets are the most profitable. Also, it requires the ability to work with trading instruments. As you see, binary options trading requires a certain level of skill and knowledge.

As for gambling or betting, you don’t need to know all the rules of a certain sportive game to make a bet. All that is necessary is to compare the common level of winnings and losses or to pay attention to the forecasts of the bookmakers. The second difference is the method of winning. Success in trading depends mostly on the knowledge and professionalism of the trader. The key winning factor in trading is the trader himself and his trading strategy.

In a critical situation, traders can cardinally change the strategy or leave the market to save money. Gambling and betting are quite the opposite. When you make a bet, the major part of success in betting depends on the professional level of the team and luck. You can make a bet but you don’t need to monitor the situation. All you need is to check the results on a certain day. How to make money on binary options?

It is necessary to understand the mechanism of binary trading. The essence of trading is that a trader makes a forecast for the change in the price of an asset at a certain time period. The direction is selected by two buttons: «Buy» or «Sell» (Call and Put). If the forecast is correct, the trader makes money. If he fails, he loses his capital. Discipline is necessary when you start to trade. Trade at the same time when the stocks open. Use the economic calendar so as not to miss the time of trading.

At the first stage, your main goal is to understand how the market and technical indicators work and to create a trading strategy. That’s why when you are only a beginner, trade four hours a day, not more because when you are overworking, you lose your concentration and make mistakes.