Campbell wanted to get an external hand in the jersey, and he had thought about it for a long time, but it has never been active. Although they used a nine years of teammates, sometimes it would be too close to lead to difficulties.

Old will quarter Swan – McCan: I hope that there is a day in NFL coach.

When Josh McCown officially added the 13th team of his career, the old four-dimensional knew what he wanted to do after the NFL career. He wants to be a coach in the career.

“It’s hard to tell the eagle,”, I will join Texas play. & Rsquo; But, finally I know that my inner heart wants to come to the team base and teammate stay, from the distance for the team effect & mdash Even though this is very good, this is not the same. So, you can stay in the team is the most important. “

“I learned a lot when I played with him with him. How to integrate into the team, how to resist defense, I have learned a lot of rugby, and observed when he was playing with the game,” said than Dels, “he is The epitome of a most professional player is like what I said, is a maximum respect for him and is very happy to be he is very happy. “Bilders said that Manning’s preparation work is perfect, Bild The benefits were very large when they were teammates with Manning.

Ile is inspiring that he and Canton have not requested the first high salary. He said that he occasionally communicates with Canton, but never expects that the renewal negotiation will have a relatively fast progress. Eli said: “I told him that there is a new news and send it to me or send it to me, just this.”

“I know that the media will pay attention to these, but for me, this is just another game.” Campbell said, “The key is to win. I have a lot of friends there, spend a long time, there is Many stories can speak. But people must live in the moment. At present, our (American Tiger) is a competitive team, we work hard to win the name of the partition. “

But his excellent performance last season will only make people feel a bright future, but will not doubt that he wants to consider retirement. Last season, he passed the 4593 yards last season, reached 39 times, with team to enter the playoffs. If it is not just hitting the momentum of Patrick Mahomes and the chief, the little horse may go further, and Lak can compete for the final MVP award.

Perth Harvin Notification Bill is about to retire

With the hesitation of several months, Percy Harvin eventually made a decision to leave the court. The free player recently informed Buffalo, his own decommissioned decision, this news got the confirmation of NFL media people.

Manning horses, friends, friends, send congratulations to Manning

Jacksonville America’s striker – Zane Beadles has done two-year teammates in Denver Wild Horse and Pedon-Manning, so I broke Bright Falf Pass in Zhou Manning. Brett Favre) After the most passed on the NFL history reached a record, he gave Manning a celebration. Not only because than Dells have done Mantin’s teammates, because Manning’s suggestion and help in his career is large.

“I think it is,” McCahn is asked whether it is considered when NFL began to coach career. “If you ask me 10 years ago, I will say it impossible, I don’t have the intention of the coach in the career stadium. I am leaving the university, if I can’t play in NFL, I will go to teach Dick Sas of the high school team. I really felt that this would be my path. But the longer in this alliance, I have seen a team of a team and compete on the highest level of competition. When that When I arrived, I totally think that I may become a coach, I hope to enter a team, I will teach them and help them. Help them work better every day, obviously to help them chase the champion. Yes, no matter what At this day, whenever I finally hang boots and retired, I really believe that I may do this in the future. “

Andrew Luck In the break, the injury in the offset period was finally changed to a result of everyone who did not want to see it. This pony is a four-defense that has been informing the team to retire from NFL. ESPN first reported this heavy news, we will continue to follow into the event of Racle.

Elays Manning said that he never wanted to take the first high salary

Not long ago, there have been a reporter to explode the New York Giants, and Eli Manning has put forward the contract to the team must be the first high salary of the alliance, causing a hot discussion in the circle. In the interview on Wednesday, Eli Manning refutes the authenticity of this news, claiming that this has never been required in the renewal negotiation, he said: “I have never said it ( To take the highest salary), this kind will never say it from my mouth. “

Pony four-point guardian Dru Lak is ready to retire

Update: At an emergency press conference, Rack confirmed its own decommissioned decision. He said: “This decision is not easy. Hone other words, cheap Jerseys this can be elected to the most difficult decision of my life, but this is also the right decision.” Rac said that he felt that he was “trapped” a injured recovery cycle. Various size injuries “took away the happiness I got from the game.” The emotions of Lak show, he is indeed unfair to leave. Lak said that he had swept himself and will never experience the pain before appreciation. But the ankle injury made him a similar feeling in the past few weeks.