Smith is not optimistic about safety satellite and line guards, Jonathan Casillas, and their status in Sunday is a battle, defensive end. Drary English (legbar) also participated in restrictive basic training is also included in the list. Middle Evan Dietrich-Smith is also in question, he suffered from afternially on Friday, but coach Smith said he was confident that this center can be played on Sunday. Quadruple John – McCoh McCown (thumb) is included in the list. Mason Foster Mason Foster missed three games, but training at the time of training on Wednesday, was included in the list of questions.

“I think the only difference between me and these top players is to complete some defensive than I have more than me. I missed a few times. These 杀 can eventually let me reach the top level of the league. If I get 14, 15 times Kill, we are talking about a top player in a league. So in the data, the impact of the four-point guard, every defense after the kicking line, this is what I did. I am doing these things. So I want Every year has progress. “

The team may also lose the defensive front line player Justine-Smith (Justin Smith). Previously, Jaster’s firepower was attracted to the firepower of the opponent’s four-defense manufacturing panic in Alone. 49 people have been greatly different from a year ago, but Smith returns to the past, allowing this defensive group to make the opponent’s headache every week.

At that time, the Black Panther made a variety of tests to confirm the various information of Newton, but how to get accurate information when no one can see him? So the coach Ron Rivera chose to make your daughter to do this spy.

According to the daughter of Rivira, at the time in San Diego’s Cathedral, he was in high school. At that time, Newton received quarter-saving training, so Rivira’s daughter passed a useful information daily.

Smith actually received a 1 year of proved its contract in 2015. He will receive a basic salary of $ 1 million, but if he can enter 53 people in all 16 games, he can get more than 5.1 million. Dollar salary. Buck saw the 25-year-old player “began to grow into a team leader.” He believes “I am very happy to see this, and I have fun to look at Altong growth.” He thought that Smith got a full salary. The opportunity is very large.

Sea Eagle defensive end of Bente: New season goals best defensive playerSeattle Hawks defending Director Michael Bennett completed the best performance in his career in the last season, got 10 killing and first selected professional bowl.

Seattle Hawks have won the 7th night of Night. This season, they did not have to defeat at home. Since 2012, the Seattle Hawks’ century link stadium becomes the main family in the devil. In less than five years, the home Hawow won the 34 wins and Cheap jerseys 5 losses including the playoffs. The two teams still diverted back to Wilson’s rookie season in 2012, the new show quarter Sauceel – Wilson used the pass to take 1 time in half games, while the pavement pushed 3 times Sportball reaches. This anti-day data also made him a unique existence in NFL history.

This is a heavy blow to Brown and Thomas. Thomas has been responsible in the past 11 seasons in the blind side to protect Brown’s four-point guards. In the case of Brown, Brown has not yet been determined, their prospects are more dark.

“Emergency” is the general manager Trent Buck, which is used to shape the words of the state of the martial arts, and he has achieved the lowest career after the 9-game reassunction from the league last season. 2 times. “He is very ambitious,” Buck told ESPN reporters on Friday. “He is doing very well … For anyone who has faced the situation of Altong, it takes a day to recover every day. But he is very good to maintain long-term outstanding state.”

Old will have been in the league’s 10 seasons. The outer line is outside Guolongrenzo – Alexander finally welcomed the climax of career in Buffalo. This season’s 33-year-old outside guard has taken the most 9 times of career, leading the entire alliance. But in 127 games before his career, he just got 9 kills. In the past two seasons, Bill quarterly Taylor became an except for Kam-Newton, the single session can take 90+ Passage Rating (94.8) and 800+ road propulsion code (887) four Defense. The two teams are very similar, and they will be confrontated again after four years. Who can laugh at the end?

Bentet has previously let you know that you are not satisfied with the current contract, but he is inadvertently dismissed. And he said that both sides still have the opportunity to continue communication between the two parties in the reconstruction contract.

Seattle Eagle once again appeared in the Night Terminal stage every week, this time they will take the home to meet the visiting Buffalo Bill. The Sunday, the Sunday, the Haiye and the Racque brought a wonderful defensive war in the fans. This week, it is a defensive battle that seems to be “ugly” this week.