Saint team sign into the front jet to join the Sunders

The New Orleans Saint Shed team will take the broth of the thumb surgery in the week, and the Brandin Cooks will be put into the injury reserve, and thus make a lineup vacancy on Wednesday.

Jalen Saunders, Jalen Saunders, is the latest join the player. Agent Roch-Aisonus announced that his client has reached an agreement with the Saints, wholesale jerseys online meaning that in his rookie season has arrived in the fourth team.

Sanders is the 4th round of this year’s jet fleet, but in September as the Bat of the Chicago Bear team, it was discarded back to the attack on the attack, and then cut off. The latter is waiting wholesale nfl jerseys for sale a while in the Training lines of Arizona Salamagues and Seattle Hawks. Sanders should have the opportunity to abandon the attack on the playback of Cook, and wholesale jerseys free shipping the old Robert Meachem is likely to absence the team competition in the next few weeks.

The Saint team has not officially announced the signing in Sanders, but ESPN’s Feld Yats (Field Yates) reported that the Saint team’s Runnard Brian Leonard was cut off. Sands to Sanders. At the same time, the Saint team also cut EDWIN BAKER this week, perhaps KHIRY Robinson and Pierre Thomas can be hurt. .