Bonnet joined the steel man in 2018, he was a packaging work for eight seasons. Earlier in the season, Bente is absent from the abdomen injury, after the 11 games, the first two games were first, and the completion of 30 times, 6 times destroyed.

49 people’s two close-end Davis and Vans McDonald were currently listed as “doubt” by the team. In the previous interview, McDonald reveals that they will play, but Davis’s current situation is not so optimistic. NS. He only participated in very little basic training this week, and he also told the team to feel pain when running. For the weekend competition, Davis said: “I am uncertain. I want to play every game and want to work. But now I am really uncertain, but I am looking forward to a wonderful game.”

Darn has played 32 games in San Francisco in the past two seasons but rarely played an important role. Before he was a four seasons for the St. Louis Ram. In 2007, he started his own NFL career in the giant. It is worth noting that his defensive coordinator he enters the team is the current giant defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, the latter is still in the ram and his work. His familiarity of the Spagnovalake’s defense system is the reason why the giant decided to sign him.

Last week, 49 people were fresh in the pass attack in the game. Some people are attributed to Davis’s lack. There is no doubt that if Davis and McDonald can be hurt, it will provide more choices for 49 people’s offensive. Davis is considered to be one of the best near-ends in the league, but many people still think he is underestimated. When he passed the attack, he crouched with Colin Kaepernick, which is the target of the offensive group worth relying on. His speed and open capacity are both teams currently. This week’s pair of eagles, the team is looking forward to Davis to help the offensive group to take the score.

In the adversity, 49 people look forward to Davis return challenge eagleOne of this week’s focus war will be the 49 people of Philadelphia Eagle and San Francisco. The eagle will welcome the wire-free Mai Zi-KFCHAL Kendricks previously banned. KFRX is the most powerful line guard in the old eagle array, and his return can help the team to better limit the ball attack on the opponent, especially focused on the neighborhood. However, the problem is that the 49 people ‘s ape is close to the petrong – Davis Vernon Davis really can play this week?

As a first-class rushing hand of the alliance, Smith’s return will be a great complement to 49 people’s defensive, although Smith may not participate in too many defensive numbers in this week, but it is enough to let the giant’s offensive frontline feel Stress.

Last week was signed with the giants after being cut by Houstown. After a year ago, after 8 games for the giants, Brown was considered to be an ideal candidate in the new season, but the giants prefer Dargon in Dargon, 49 people cheap jerseys from China San Francisco last Friday.

I also took two times in the experience of Bill against the Patriots. The first time is 2014, at home, I completed 5 battles and got 72 yards and 1 time. Then next season, when we fought away, I finished 6 catching, get 95 yards.

At the age of 25, Alden Smith, who violated the alliance in the field, in violation of the alliance’s personal behavior, and violated the alliance’s personal behavior of the alliance. Smith ended on Tuesday and started to participate in the team training.

This is not a good sign for Brown, he can’t get a chance to get a lecture in the safeguard. Now the rookie safe, satellite-Landon Collins, and the third-grade Safety Weikper-Taylor will begin to play on Sunday Night Tournament on the Dallas Cowboy.

First, let me know those who are still waiting for me to reply to SMS / phone: I am back, I really. The madness after the last week is a little unexpected. Those who support my career have come to congratulate me, my mobile phone is also exploding & hellip; but can be troubled by this problem, I am still very enjoyable.

No, it is not the moment of awarded a trophy. It is not the moment of the United States’ champion T-shirt and hat. It is not Marti-Bente and the Lara player dance together & hellip; & hellip; although this is indeed unforgettable.

This 30-year-old old will tell Latport, he hopes to get a new starting point and continue to fight security. In the steel man, Both is responsible for the five points, he said that this is not the position you are good at.

Alden – Smith was put in 49 people in the activation list 49 people in San Francisco announced this Saturday, the team star outside the team, Aldon Smith has been placed in the list of 53 people, is expected to debut in the game against the New York giant. At the same time, Safety Guiji-Ward is placed in the injury reserve, and the Smith has split a list.

Now Aixi has a pregnancy & mdash; & mdash; dragon and phoenix, our first child, the expected date of delivery is in April. When I tried to prove myself, she lived in the Jewish Hospital of Long Island. When I took a vacation, I would drive her for 3 hours to visit her, take care of her. Yes, she is now pregnant in July, but the effort is not less than me, so I have to do everything I can fight for her.