According to informed people, the giant will give the 31-year-old to tried safely to Donte Whitner. The giant is less defensive defended this week, and Nat Berhe has entered the brain shock inspection process, and the other to visit the Darian Thompson’s foot injury is undecided. Inspection of.

Lin Qi will renew the Hawks to the 2017 seasonThe future of the Marshawn Lynch, which affects the heart of each Seattle Eagle fan. Now, fans can finally be relieved. According to Wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporters, Lin Qi will have a contract with Hawks for about two years, and the contract will be worth $ 24 million. In the last year of the original contract, this renewal will extend Linqi’s contract to the end of the 2017 season.

Dolphins and Safety Mac Donald last four yearsMiami dolphins signed the former ram safety T. J. McDonald (T. J. McDonald), and their hearts are very clear that this player will be missed half a season because of the ban.

New York Giants will trial old will safely sell Sante-WhitnaThe New York Giants are in shortage in the safeguards. After training, they have to fill this position in training, they are trying to pick an old will.

This is not bad for the jet. Fitz Patrick is more than a year in the alliance, which belongs to the less than the lack of exacerbated typical, and he is a good power for Houstown. It has an unexpected show. Attack efficiency, season scores are ranked 15 in all quarters, in the new evaluation system of professional football focus, his score Bino-Smith is a larger.

However, the performance of McDonald joined the team seems to be amazing Miami, so they are willing to give a long approximately. According to ESPN reporters, dolphins have completed a four-year 24 million US dollars on Saturday, including 10 million US dollars.

And his performance in the game lost to Green Bay packaging is indeed bad, 3 battles mistakes, and 4 batches were successful. But there is an important figure that gives its own ideas on Monday. The team’s four-dimensional Eli Manning said: “You are your business, you will get reasonable support, maybe he will put too much pressure on your own body.”

Now the giant has a few months to summarize his season. Manning finally said: “Beckham is an emotional player, he is eager to win, this is very important for him, he always wants to have the best career “

Although the Hawks have been concerned about Lynch’s age and injury, they still decide to stay in the team in the team. In the past four seasons, Linqi has more than 1200 yards per season. The team expects him to maintain a state, and hit the super bowl again next season.

In this renewal, Linqi will get 7.5 million signing bonuses, 12 million of contracts in the contract. At the same time, the two sides will fine-tune the next season, the original 5 million fundamental annual salary will be reduced to 4.5 million, but the impact on the wage-cap is still constant, still 8.5 million. Lynch’s basic wages in 2016 and 2017 were 9 million and 7 million respectively. If he is still a member of the Hawk, he will also get 3 million lineup rewards.

In last year, the first round of the first round of the first round, Freud, who was selected, has grown to one of the best defensive players of the bear. Freud got 4.5 times before the game, 8 times, causing the loss code. In the game, he won 4 times before leaving the scene, causing the number of damage to the number of damage and 2 times. Freud clicked 7 times in a rookie season, but he became a more comprehensive player in the second grade season.

However, the outside world will not let go of Baker Ham, so Manning continues: “You need to learn different eyes of things, you will do your business, you will be supported, I don’t think the party has any effect on the game, I think our training last week is excellent. Everyone pays attention to every attack. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do this yesterday. “

Fitz Patrick is more advantageous to jetNew York Jet 4-point Weijino-Smith (Geno Smith) due to offshore issues, Ik.Nemkpali, players in the locker room, leading to the time of 6 to 10 weeks . In this way, the old Ryan Fitzpatrick will automatically become the first quarter-off.

Although Smith is in the new season, it is expected to have improved in the new season, but it is difficult to give it too high expectations based on his performance in the first two seasons. In contrast, “Harvard” Fitz Patrick is obviously a better quarter-off, he once in Buffalo Boles and jets, the current attack coordinator, Chan Gailey, two people The cooperation is also a tacit understanding, plus the current ball lineup of the jet is very good, but people have a lot of expectations for the performance of the new season of Fitz Patrick.