Life is hard because we made it hard. WE as society have set high standards as to where we should be at a certain point in life. Whether it be getting a diploma, going to college, getting married, having a family, to what to wear on a daily basis. Life is hard because we don’t appreciate it. We don’t appreciate the fact that we woke up this morning and someone else didn’t. Someone else’s mom, brother, sister, father, friend, lover, partner, grandpa, didn’t wake up, and instead of taking the first breathe in the morning, that person took their last breath. Life is hard because we are always told what to do, how to act, what to wear, what to say! Women are told not to wear “this” or “that” because it will ¿¡MAKE?! men attack you. ??. This makes the women of the nation that carries children WITHIN them AFRAID to walk alone at night or AFRAID to go to school with a skirt on because “Mr.” will touch her. But, also men are told that they should never be weak and that they should always be in control. Society and social media has set an example that if a man does not have HUGE muscles, money, or a “smokin'” baby mama, then are they really a man?? See, when a baby is born whether black, white, Hawaiian, Samoan, Asian, Mexican, Indian, boy, girl, deformed, normal. The baby is innocent. The baby has no thoughts of sexual interactions. The baby doesn’t think that the waitress across the room in her uniform would look better without her uniform at all. The baby doesn’t think that a man without money isn’t worth being with. The baby doesn’t know that if she/ he is a certain color that society can be against him/ her and still be justified. A baby is pure, it’s the world, it’s US, that pollutes the baby with: fear, racist thoughts, sexual thoughts, anger, hate, and so much more. Life can’t just be “BOOM” hard all of a sudden! life has BECOME hard. Not because Jesus did it, not because Obama did it, but because WE DID IT TO OURSELVES. Past generations setting future generations up for pain, struggle, and FAILURE. If anyone’s to blame for life being hard, IT IS US. WE DID IT TO OURSELVES!!