New England colonies
geography/cliamte-long cold winters,mild summers,rocky,hilly,forests,coasts
Middle Colonies 
States-pennsilvania,new york, new jersey, delaware
geography/climate-forests,mountainous,hilly,cold winters,mild summers
Southern Colonies
States-virginia,amryland.north carolina,south carolina,georgia
geography/climate-mild winters, humid summers,coasts,wetlands,hilly
Alike-These products are alike because they all require fertile soil, they all produce lumber because of the geography, and they all provide a set of stability across the colonies with trade and unity
Different-These products are all different because each of the crops or products need a land that is specific to one place(aka where it lives) because if it was at another place the crop wouldn’t prosper.
Which is the most important-I believe that the southern colonies are the most important in shaping our nation into being the way it is now because of the agriculture. The agriculture in the southern colonies is very prosperous because of the fertile soil and how the products grow in it. These tools of harvesting nature and its geography into getting food plays the most important role in shaping our developing nation.