Package workers and patriots wish Leiji-Wayne

Last week, the old will take over Relji-Wayne said there are several teams intentionally signed him to fight this season and plan to put this season as the last season of their career.

Wayne did not specifically explain what kind of team contact, but Indianapolis media reported that Baltimo Crow, Houston Texas, New England Patriots and Green Bay packaging workers are negotiating with Wayne On the list. The media further pointed out that the Denver Horse, the Denver Many-Manning, which is effective, direct shipping from china Wayton Manning, has given up the negotiation. Although the crow may choose to sign Wayne and low price jerseys the veteran Steve Smith, the Baltimo Media pointed out that the crow will not be guided by the first round of Shi Shi SMITH, Breshad Perriman. Seeking to sign Wayne, Houston Media also reported that Texas did not intend to Wein.

It is difficult to think that the packaging works have the location of Wayne, they already have Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Davante Adams and This year’s three-wheeled Xintai – Ty Montgomery. Wayne can bring old experience to the team, but he is not in the special group, and it is difficult for him to stay in the team when there is more powerful players. The same problem will also happen in patriots, although if the patriots head coach Bill Bill Belichick thinks that there is a chance to upgrade lineup, he has always dare to sign a player in the opponent’s opponent.

We will soon see if these teams reported to find a job in the history of the eighth in history.