The 29-year-old Matthew joined the saints after the trial in June. But during the training camp, he has been training with the substitute lineup. In the first episode of the team, he fought 20-speed attack and completed 1 shot.

Huke is the first round of the 2017 elected Xiu First Way, because the injury is absent half a rookie season, but it is stable and excellent. In the three years, Hulan came to 33 games, completed 11 times to destroy the ball, and took the ball twice, 7 times.

Bennett said: “I think the main problem is the management Treistman players lack of capacity, no way to put different personalities players kneading together the team locker room, players have a variety of personalities, in particular he was the first. when a head coach, this is indeed very difficult for him, you see we have a team I have Brandon – Marshall (Brandon Marshall), there Lance – Briggs (Lance Briggs) and Charles – Teal Man (Charles Tillman), and so the players, we are extroverted, we want to manage well is not easy. “

Bears tight end coach to talk about before: when he was offensive coordinator forChicago Bears this season was disappointing, the team coach Mark – Tres Altman (Marc Trestman) along with the get out of class, then he re-appointment in Baltimore, the Ravens became the offensive coordinator. Bears tight end Matt main Ruth – Bennett (Martellus Bennett) five o’clock this week talked about the former coach in an interview.

Steel people are willing to get outside Basue Bad Depley Before you begin in the election conference, the Pittsburgh Steel Man Team clearly indicated that the players in the external guards were the top priority of their in the election conference, because the year is only 27 Jason Worilds accident. Announce retired. Today, their wishes have been achieved, from Bad Dupree, the University of Kentucky, joined the team with the first round of the No. 22 show.

Bennett also said Treistman is more suitable as the team’s offensive coordinator: “He is good lineup spot, I think he will succeed in his strategy and tactics crow playing is superb, but not all players can very. good tactical execution, after all, the game is not on paper. we have good tactics, but come off badly in the field. “

Doman’s effectiveness in 1985 to 1993, followed by Atlantan Falcon Effect for 2 years, 49 people in San Francisco for 3 years. In 1995 and 1998, his number (9 and 15 times) ranked first. Doman returned to Vijing in 1999 to spend the last season.

This career performance of the player in the 15 seasons in NFL, which is 10 years for Viking. Viking Picks Duman in the fourth shift in 1985, and he quickly played its excellent performance after entering the team, and was selected for the best rookie lineup.

It is worth noting that Matthew has left the team before being taken. Saint Parston, Saint Payton, said Matthews did not give a detailed reason for his departure, but confirmed that the latter decided to leave the Saint.

Previously, the saints also cut out the plus card Melon – Cameron meredith. Papent said that many young outer junctions in the team were one of the factors that lay offers decided. In addition to Michael Thomas, the saints need other external hands, but most of the lectures have been made in the last season.

Although many scouts made a little questioning for Demril’s bullets, this could not deny that the original basketball player is under the defensive role of the defensive power & mdash; & mdash; winning with the opponent’s defense and Related Web Page puts quarter guards .

The patriot is basically healthy, although the line of Tang Tang Tower-Hightower (DONT & RSQUO; A hightower) and External Hands Brandon Lafell only participated in a small number of training, but the team revealed that two people will As planned in the super bowl.

In his career, Doman 8 times selected professional bowl, 3 times a biggest lineup. He obtained 21 kills in the 1989 season, at the time, the second day of the single game, the total of 150.5 kills, the ranking history fifth. Between 1987 and 1999, he will at least 7 kills in each season.

Patriot Stroke Bryan Schk (Bryan Stork) returned to training in a day, he had participated in all training for two consecutive days. At the scene, the reporter revealed that the state of Schke was in good condition, and it would be in the super bowl in the super bowl. Patriotes have repeatedly emphasize the importance of the Hawks defensive frontline. They hope to use a full health and experienced offensive front line to meet the opponent.

The Hawble is exposed to a worry news: Safety Yal Tomas is absent from all training. The team has not given a specific statement on his injury, and we will keep this attention. There is a happy and worry on the offensive line of the sea eagle, and J. Ri Sweezy is absent due to an ankle injury. Justin Britt has returned to training and appeared next week.

For steel people, their strengthening of defensive groups is far from being over. They must choose some second-line defensive players in the next few rounds to fill the blank left by the safe sneaked Polamalu and the angle WAYLOR retirement.