Brief summary of the immigration policy

Canada’s immigration policy has two main objectives. Those are to
reunite families, and to establish a strong, viable economy in all
regions of Canada. The Government grants residence to members of the
Family Class, Business Class and Economic Class.

#2) How
many immigrants do they allow per year?

They allow 300,000 per year. I believe that they embrace this policy
to help Canada’s economic power.

#3) How
many illegal immigrants are there?

They reportedly have between 35,000 and 120,000.

What is the penalty for illegal immigrants?

They are issued a removal order and then they are deported from the
country. In this policy Canada is relatively lax compared to the
policies of other nations.

What points of their immigration policy work well and do not work

I believe that there are downside to some policies that they have
established. For example Millions of job seekers will arrive to
Canada with the objective of taking them away from Canadians. Also
any person with any type of background cant start and get a new life
in Canada, even if they have a criminal record.

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