8 wins and 1 negative Philadelphia, ushered in the week last week, before this, they have achieved the longest 7 consecutive victory this season. And this is also the 5th opening of the Owl’s history to get 8-1 record. The previous four occurred in 1949, 1960, 1980, and the 2004 season. The previous four seasons, the eagle eventually entered the cheap nfl jerseys championship or super bowl, I don’t know if the qualified data is now looking at “fresh milk”, you can let all the hawk fans. The quarter-free San Sensen-Wenz played the MVP-level data, 23 passed the ball reached and the 104.1 pass score hit the forefront. And his 23 passed the ball to the top 9 games in the previous 9 games in the history of the Hague. Before entering the wheel, Wenz came out 4 times in the race of the eagle, such as a good state, so good, I don’t know if it continues until the wheel circumference?

According to the professional football focused network data, although the chest injury is absent from the seventh to the ninth week, Baktiari will play 758 sets of offensive this season, only for the opponent to get 1 killing and only 4 fouls. Such a performance allowed his fourth time to select a professional bowl and won a 4-year $ 105.5 million renewal contract.

Los Angeles ram is willing to be with corner Titruman – JohnsonShortly after Trumaine Johnson, the Los Angeles Rohnson, there was reported that they were discussing the transaction and sent Johnson from the 2017 season.

The crow has chosen to implement Mosley’s 2018 contract option, and they have no reason to consider revoking this decision. So there will be no contract issues, but Mosley is very hoped to continue with the crow in the future.

But there is no progress in this regard, and now the ESPN reports that the team is willing to consider other options. The ram did not exclude the possibility of trading, but they are also willing to and Johnson.

These problems may have a better answer after the team began training. A complete season will make these questions to have the most comprehensive answer, but if both parties can complete the renewal, the Johnson privilege contract is reduced by $ 1.67 million in salary cap space.

NFL TV reporter Ian RapoPort reported on the report on the informed people reported that the left tunnel David – Baktiari was seriously injured in the training. Lobport said that Baktiari was considered to be torn before the knee, which means his season ended.

“I never like to change, I don’t like to go to the new place.” Mosley said, “I have spent the four years of college career in Alabama, only have a high school, did not change in junior high school So I naturally hope to stay in Baltimore continuing career, and strive to become the second strong line guard who retired here. “

Ruck has appointment with multiple doctors to seek to diagnose why his shoulder will spend so long to completely recover. After the previous recovery has made progress, Lak will still feel the pain in the shoulder and is not determined.

South to increase the four-point guard to find the front nfl player refined passBeijing July 5, USC SAM Darnold has a good outlook, which may be the four-point guards who have been taken by NFL draft next year.

Dallas Cowboys won three of them in the past four games, currently leading the competition for the international economic card competition in Guandian East with 5 wins and 4. The main trend of Eri Ott is very much affected by the banner offensive group, and at the same time, the offensive front line staff is not complete, and it has caused great trouble to the cowboy. The last round faces falcon offensive. The degree originates here. Of course, it is also a critical period of the four-point guard-Prescott. This second-grade four-point guard has also become four players who have got at least 50 times in the top 25 games since 1970. One of the people. In his prior 25 career competitions, he has got 39 passes to reach the ball and 11 shots to help the cowboy got 18 wins in this period, of course his 11 times. The ball is also a four-dimensional mushroom record record since the 2016 season. As a four-point guard diversified as an offensive means, Prescott needs to stand up to help the team when the cowboy is most difficult, will he be the Savior of Cowboy this season?

[Event Prevent] 11th Weekday Race Eagle @ 牛仔The 11th week of regular season will be carried out between the victory of the National East. At present, the Philadelphia eagle first in the top of the colleague is challenged the Dallas Cowboy. As the enemy of the National District, the cowboy dominates in the history of the two teams, with a great advantage of 62 wins and 50. However, this season, the Eagle is currently only losing, the firepower is open, the cowboy is in the stage of missing the soldiers, and it is quite difficult to defend the homeland.

These outstanding data do not fully explain the importance of Bathyri for the packaging workers. His vitality and enthusiasm for the packaging workers with the most reliable offensive front lines of the alliance to a key role. The packaging worker offensive front line This season will only get 19 kids in the opponent.