Hunter and the two-person scorpion codes can be discharged to the top 15 last season. Check the ball 190 times, advance 1067 yards, up to 12 times, Hunter scorpion 198 advances 841 yards, reached 6 times. The rookie contract of the investigated is about to enter the last year, while Hunter has continued to two years on the basis of last year, and the contract will expire after the 2022 season.

“I’m looking forward to seeing our roles, what is the main rushing player. I really love his performance, the same plan for the Groad coach gave us.” Drake said, “But I think I may have an important role in the offensive group. Last year, the raids were also the top ten champion in the alliance, and our potential is unlimited. “

After four years of preserving, Gordon signed a year in 2019 and signed a year of bidding contracts in August this year. The first 16 regular season in Sai Gordon, 2019, completed 10 kills (the first) in the team (the first), 72 times (the new high), 27 quarters impact. He also completed a fallback attack on the sixth week of the game.

Brown Run Hunter support team friend check into high salary

Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb were in Brown, and the relationship between the two was also emotional. This was confirmed in the interview in Hunter.

Haore said: “I know how to do it, and have confidence to defeat the disease. People in Houston, Allen, and Baton Ruges are supporting me, I also encouraged. The pain is just temporary, I will win it, let I grow up. “

Hunt said in an interview: “Please give him (check) the salary you should have. He is a natural god of nature, and it is my brother. I am very appreciated by the performance on the scene. He is an excellent person, it is also excellent Teammates. I hope we can play together. “

The first three seasons of Clarion career are disappointing, accumulating 21 games, only 3 copy. At present, there is no lack of corners in the cowboy, Cleiborn is currently only in Orlando-Scandrick, Brandon Carr and Going Listed here Byron Jones. If you want to continue to stay in cowboy, or the next work is paved, Cleiborn must maintain health in the new season and strive to break through all aspects.

Drake also has a very high evaluation of Derek Carr: “After reading last year, I have a better understanding of how the offensive group is running. & Hellip; & hellip; he knows the offensive group What kind of tactical & hellip; I feel that this offensive lineup will definitely make some achievements. “

Cowboy will not implement Kleibern’s 5th year

Dallas denim will not perform the fifth year of the Morris ClaiBorne contract. As a rookie in 2012, if Claybian team option is activated, he will get 11 million US dollars, which is undoubtedly the team can’t accept.

Cowboys have used a first round to sign the corner of Byron Jones in the election conference. This is also considered a team determination to rebuild the second line. Last season, for Cleibern, the bad performance made him feel alternate. Worse, Cleborn chooses to be absent from the absence, which further affects the team and fans to his attitude. After a few days after the disaster, the incident will be reimbursed by the injury season.