Carterler’s career for the first timeThis week, the opponent of Chicago will be Denver’s wild horse, which will also be the first time after the Jay Cutler leaves the wild horse. In April 2009, the wild horses traded to the bear team. Interestingly, in the 10-year career in Carterler, the wild horse is also the only team that has not played with him.

Ericson revealed that Bolo was confident when starting and concluding. “The first question of many rookies, especially for players from the offensive system from do not need to make a gathering, they will shout out the attack tactics. He looked at the gathering business,” he said. “You can see that he is really trying to practice this aspect in the court.”

Haiying quartz Wilson gives offensive front line players to give Amazon stockBeijing April 23, the four-dimensional Wilson (Russell Wilson), who has just signed a 4-year $ 140 million contract, expresses the gratitude to each offensive front line player.

Sea Eagle takes over Bao De Tong: I will challenge RewisOn the media day held on Tuesday on Tuesday, wholesale nfl Jerseys the Seattle Eagle Name External Terrace – Baldwin revealed in the interview, they have made it a good job in the new England Patriots Corner combination Durrer Revis ( Darrelle Revis is prepared by Brandon – Brandon Browner.

The steel man has experienced three losses, and even the tiger without Joe Burrow lost on Monday. Earlier this week, the Tiger Safety Wei Feng En-Bell said that he believes that Smith Schurns is very “disrespectful” in the sign of Schthzit. The defensive group will “hit him, let him recognize his pound.”

“He has confident, but he will not be too confident,” Ericson said. “His one moves like he knows that he belongs to this team. He should be this. He won the power of becoming a draft, he won the right to become a player of the team. But he is still a rookie. He has to win The respect of the teammates. He did this every day. “

Baldwin said: “I am very excited about the confidence. They are all one of the best corners of the league. For me, this is a challenge, I want to do better. Brownner may be the body in the affiliate The best condition of the condition, Rewick has been calm and can always make the right judgment. I will seize this opportunity to prove my strength. “

Steelman coach Tomlin will talk to Smith Schthtuzt dance problemAlthough it has been named by Bill players, the outer hand is held, and Juju Smith-Schuster still insists on dancing on the home team sign before the game. After being “severely punished” in the game of tigers, Mike Tomlin decided to find this outer junction.

Baldwin reveals that it is not easy to challenge Rewis, but he is ready to prepare for him. Baldway said: “I am going to go to & lsquo; Rewis Island & Rsquo; I have a good vacation, I have prepared sunscreen, umbrellas and hats. I will see if there is anything I can do, after the game Will tell you my feelings. “

In the case of Yangjichun Training, Wilson has decided to report a lot of questions when they have already told the collective photo. Wilson is actually invited to participate in training, or he just goes to the farm? Does Wilson really think that they have a high strength of your friends? Should his teammate be worried?

I still remember that the Seattle Hawk was traded by Texas tour of New York, two weeks ago. Now Wilson’s baseball career will open a new chapter. He said that he intended to report to Yangjichun training held on Monday. Yangji will be on Monday.

Provide some background information: 2007, Wilson who has just left high school is in the MLB draft of the 412th round of Baltimo gold. He refused to join Jinji and chose to go to North Card State University. In 2010, he was in the four rounds of the Coloradoji selected by the 4th round of the draft and indeed stayed in Rocky’s farm, but in the end he chose the path of rugby.

“I think he knows what you have to do. He made a suitable reading,” old near the end of the end C. J. Yu Zama (c.j. uzomah) talked about Shortro. “He will definitely become one of the best players. He has confidence in himself, you can see that he is confident in what we need to do. So I like him. I like him to bring the performance for the team. His calm, his determination is great. “

In the last decision of the bear, Katler was hurt in the battle. After defeating the St. Lusius ram last week, Katler expects that this week can fight with the team to defeat the horses that are not added to the victory to 50%. It is worth mentioning that when the two teams handed over, the wild horses led by Tim Tim Tim Tim Tebow were defeated the bear team at 13-10.

Katler career has achieved 9 wins and 8 losses when the team in the United Jehsei area. This week’s wild horse is four-point guards. Peyton Manning will wait for opportunities in the replacement, while Brock OSWeiler gains a first opportunity to get (BROCK OSWEILER).

Cincinnati Masonball players praise the pops of the fourth part of Qiao-Bolo training performanceThe Cincinnati Tiger Coach Team has been praise the “Joe Burrow” Joe Burrow in the Learning Performance of Joe Burrow. And now the Tiger player has the same view.