Tiger is sure that the star outside Greek Week, the US Tiger

Cincinnati Mason’s coach Mavin Lewis Friday confidence is full of expression of the team’s number one star, AJ Green has been trained for three days this week, and can play Sunday, cheap Jerseys Jackson Virgian Tiger team’s game.

According to reports, Tiger cut off 10 years old, Michael Johnson, ended his second contract in the team. Johnson has 6.1 million dollars in 2018, and after cutting him, the Tiger tiger is less than US $ 1 million.

Vicis and the old defending front line members Justin Britt, Seattle local young players cooperated to develop this helmet announced on Thursday. Based on the original style Zero 2, the helmet increases about 170g of front support, and the remainder is approximately the same.

In addition to the pirate season, Johnson’s full carement is spent in Tiger. In the past three seasons, Johnson kills the ranking team, third (13.5), second only to previously renewed Geno ATKINS and Carlos Dunlap.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the Jaguchi will have a $ 488 million contract with Falls, calculated that after a bonus, the total salary can be up to 10.2 billion. According to ESPN reporter Adam Schefte, the contract includes $ 50,125,000 security.

The coach Rewick said: “If there is no deterioration, he may go to the field.” The Tiger team scored 1 win in the three games without Green, including the same part of the mockup of the same district. Competition (they already killed their opponents this season).

NFL spokesman Jeff Miller said: “Our goal is to test at the help of helmet, and the impact on brain oscillation and the racket has a better understanding, and finally make each different position have specially designed helmets.”

NFL plans to introduce sharp wire members special helmet

US time on Thursday, NFL announced the plan to introduce a special helmet. Although the helmet still needs to be used through the league and player trade union, wholesale nfl jerseys means this is a major advancement in helmet technology.

John Lynch, General Manager, acknowledged that he and coach Kyle Salunhan (Kyle Shanahan) did discuss the possibility of signed Braddy, but because they already have Jimmy-Gaobopolo (Jimmy Garappolo) ) Serve four-point guard, so they did not substantially take the next step.

Miller said that all alliances have analyzed all quarter-to-white shocks, and will also be based on this test new helmet. After the four-division of injured is the incoming part, most of them are in the state of being hugged, and they cannot support themselves.

With the return of Green, the Mohamed Sanu (Mohamed Sanu) is in this time, and the four-point guardian Dalton will have the opportunity to return to the competition of the forefront of the foreigners. among.

Six of Supon was banned by the violation of alliance drug abuse policies, he is a three-round show in the package worker in 2014. Soenon has spent a list of injuries in the injury reserve, then staying in the patriot, then come to the lion. In the two seasons of the lions, he played 23 games, gains 23 hugs, 1 killing and once forcing the ball.

Green is a toe injury in the second week, and from the fifth week, it has been absent from the artificial grass-type toe injury. He is all “limited” to participate in training this Wednesday, but he is still preparing for the first.

After Braddy decided to leave the New England Patriots, although Tampawan pirates and Los Angeles lightning were considered to be the most likely to sign his team, some rumors said that Braddy may want to join San Francisco 49. After all, Braddy grows up in the Bay area, from a small 49 fans.

“So, of course, Kyle and I have discussed. We have been trying to make the team better, so you will always consider all methods, especially in this case. But in one or two days, Kyle and I looked at each other, & lsquo; We really like Jimmy’s performance. & rsquo; We love him to bring everything from the team, we really believe that he is a long-term answer to the position of the four-defense position. I will tell you that we are very believed in Jimmy-Garobo Serving our quarterfield. “

“When you are talking about the greatest four-point guards in history, you will be discussed inside,” Lynch said on interviews on Tuesday. “Then you hear such as awkward, he wants to go home this kind of result.”

So what is the matter that the original committee is like this. 49 people have indeed thoughts, but in the end they believe that Garobo is a person who can lead the team. Lynch also revealed that Calorobo knows that they discussed Braddy.