In fact, the crow is very hoping to see Smith to complete his three-year contract. He is the most effective weapon of the team attack. He has completed 36 balls to advance 510 yards to complete 3 Dalun, on Sunday, San Francisco 49 people. He completed 7 batts to advance 137 yards and 1 reached, which was still in the case of him.

The rebound the ball, the ball is known as one of the most dramatic in the history of the Super Bowl, after experiencing this fairy ball, cameras captured Brady shook his head gently on the sidelines, as if fortune has gone to the Seahawks there.

Hayden is expected to exceed $ 100 million in his career this year, and his new contract will make him finally a total salary of less than $ 124 million, close to the total salary of the total salary of the Toren Dalier Rewis ( Darrelle Revis ($ 124.2 million).

This game Michael Vick passes 242 yards, send 3 reachable arches and 1 copy; the running ball is 130 yards (more than the two running guards of the giant), once a time. This is not easy for those who just get out of life. Although the eagle fails to go farther in the playoff game, as a steel man, I deeply fell in love with the eagle after this game, in love with me, I think it is good in cheap nfl jerseys from china history. Quadruplicate Michael Vick!

In the second half, the eagle seizes the giant’s mistakes. In the third quarter of the competition, it will be divided by Vick and Maclin before it is divided into just 14 points. After the beginning of the fourth quarter, Desean Jackson took the ball after a time, and once again took the eagle into the darkness. Eli Manning once again passed the ball to the ball, 31-10, at this time, there is 8 minutes and 17 seconds from the end of the game. At this time, it seems that the balance of victory has tilted the New York giant. At this time, there was a person standing out, his name is Michael Vick.

This season’s regular season is connected to the continuous injury, and the steel man has enabled 3 different first four-point guards: this – Rotarisberg, Michael Victor, Landri Jones. But the most reliable four-point or “big book”, in his day, the steel man only achieved 2 wins and 2 losses, although the big brought hurts the whole season, but his 3938 yard The ball is still in the forefront. As long as he is, the most terrible weapon of the steel man offensive group, the outside of Antonio – Brown can play a strong combat power, this code king last season, this season is still very good, as of the end of the regular season, he I have already got 1834 yards and 10 times, if you can stay healthy all season, then AB84 wants to catch 2K yards is not difficult. In the case of the main running Weidian-Bell Hall reimbursement, the old will run Guide Jielo-Williams raised the banner of the steel man’s pavement, after leaving the black panther, this veteran also glow. The second spring, 907 yards of the scorpion code number ranking column 10, and 11 sholes reached the first level of the alliance. If AB84, Matvis – Bryant, Marcus Piton is able to play a normal level in the playoffs, although the backfield of the tiger is good, it still can’t stop the steel man. The only hidden danger may lie on the steel person’s offensive front line, Cody-Wallace’s entire season, facing the strong impact of the Tiger defensive front line, can protect the “big book” is the top priority.

Re-retry the ball, Michael Vick quickly stighed a wave of offensive, a scales of surgery, and found the proximal front Celek in the frontcourt, the latter was killing the giant twice End zone, 31-17. And the time is less than a minute from the giant. The next game gradually became dramatic, the Eagle’s special group successfully used Onside Kick (gambling kick), retransmit the ball again. The Horn counterattack is also completely blown. The next attack, Vick demonstrated his amazing running ability after escaping the giant defensive group, and after the flash of the flash of the running ball, it was only the data from the giant terminal. There is a distance of about 5 yards left. And Vick is not expensive, running again and reaches up to Dance, 31-24, the eagle is only backward! At this time, the ELI is no longer the ELI of the wind and rain. Under the constant oppression of the Eagle Defensive Group, his pass has lost the number. After the failure of the three-stop conversion, the giant will not have Punt, put the ball to the right hand. . And the eagle has no waste of the giant to send this gift, and it is VICK. After finding the right pass target, we will run twice two consecutive times, and bring the ball from this part of the 12 yard to the other party’s 13 yards. . After that, Maclin’s ball gathered as if water to the drain, and the score finally scored 1 minute 16 seconds before the end of the end of 31.

The next steelman players who have hope to get a new contract are the defending, Javon Hargrave, but the steel man is unlikely to complete the renewal. He is ready to perform the last year and then enter the free player market.