1.  22272 ft²

So there are 1 parallelogram and 2 rectangles. the formula to find the area is   wl=a.  Width times length.  The one on the very bottom, the rectangle, has l=87 and w=87.  So:
87*87 = 7569 ft² 

The second one, the parallelogram, has l-82 and w= 87 so:
82*87 =7134 ft²

The third one, the highest rectangle, has w=87 and l=87 so:
87*87= 7569 ft²

Then we add all of those to get the final area:
7569+7569+7134 = 22272 ft²

2a. 648.75 ft²
Okay, this one has a lot of information, let’s organize them.  First, we think the room is a rectangle, 17 by 19.  Then we have the walls, 8ft high.  And a few things does not need to be painted, 2 windows and a door.  

Walls – 
the height will always be 8 because that is how high the ceiling is above the floor. Then the length will be 11 or 19 based on which wall it is.  But we know there are 4 walls.  Since it is a rectangle, it will have 2 walls with the length of 19 and two with 11. 

Fist two:
8*11= 88
8*11 = 88
88+88 = 176
The first two walls are 176 ft²

Second two:
152+152= 304
Then we add all area of the walls together.

Then we get the area of the windows and door.

The two windows are 3 by 4, so:

And the door is 6.5 by 2.5, so:
6.5*2.5= 16.25

and we add them because they both don’t need to be painted:
16.25+ 24 = 40.25 

So we have 40.25ft² does not need to paint and 480ft² of walls including the windows and door.  So two subtract them: 

Now we have the area of walls need to be painted, then we do the ceiling. 
We know it is 19 by 11 because we are given how big the room is:

Then we add the walls and ceiling together:
209+ 439.75=648.75 

2b. 7 gallons
We have the total area needed to b paint so we divide that by the area it can cover by one gallon to see how many gallons we need:

648.75/88.85 = 7.3238….
Normally, we round down, because the decimal is less than 5.  So it will be 7 gallons. 

2c. 125.23
Since we need 7 gallons, and each gallon cost 17.89, we time them together:
7*17.89= 125.23

3. 22
Since it is a rectangle, the opposite side will be congruent, so two sides are 5 and two sides are 6. 
5+6+5+6= 22

4.  13frac{1}{8}
We times the width and height together:
5 frac{1}{4} * 2 frac{1}{2}  13frac{1}{8}

3a. 104
We add all side together:
26+26+26+26 = 104

3b. 676
wl=a :
26*26 = 676.

Hope this helps! Please give me the brainliest answer if you like it! If you have any more questions, please leave a comment or add me as a friend!