“I didn’t see this action on the spot. I didn’t (on the big screen), but I was told from I was told, I was told this movement is very ridiculous,” packaging worker teaches Mike Mike McCarthy) Say. “This behavior should not be present. This is my position. Honestly, I don’t understand this action.”

Bessia was injured when he took over Cody Latimer, and his head was hit, and he was brought into the dressing room by the team doctor. He was initially diagnosed with the brain shock and Absence the rest of the game. Bessia had just launched a 49 million contract with 49 people in the offset period. Previously, he had an effective force in the Indianapolis pony. In the past six seasons, he has always been a small player of the pony. 49 people want to use Bessia to fill the blank left by DoTe Whitner.

Thompson played the best performance in his career last season, and more than 109 cockroaches, including 11 cases, resulting in the number of damage, and 3 killing and 3 ruins. After Davis left the team, Thompson has finally got more appearance time. He played 903 defense last season, and in the previous four seasons, he did not exceed 609 defensive.

Jackson’s performance is a bit unable to pay a salary, although the previous two seasons have been good (14.5 times, forcing the ball), but he only participated in the Jagua Six-Bian defense last season, and the final three games were small. On 30 files. He only completed 3.5 kills last season, the lowest since 2014.

Defensive Diak, Malik Jackson, is one of them, and he has three years left for 6 years in 2016, but there is no guarantee amount remaining. The American tiger can take a salary space of $ 11 million and a $ 4 million turns a dead money.

This is the fourth team of Hoyel’s success since the last four seasons. He completed 62 passes, acquired 292 yards, no reached, 2 times were copied. Passage TripAdvisorization of 60.7, which is only Deshone Kizer and Andy Dalton.

Seattle Hawks 4-point Warah Wilsell Wilson became the best offensive player of the National United States. In the 40-34 defeating Tampawan pirates, he passed the 378 yards, got 5 times to create a record of the team history, including the killing of the array.

Black Leopard Line Wei Tempson: Leader role left after I’m retired by Chuckle

Not long ago, Carolina Black Leopard is located in the Laittan, so in the first round of Squs Tompson, Shaq Thompson, and Even Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis (Thomas Davis) Share the appearance time.

And this year, Thompson became the only player in the three people. Davis joined Los Angeles Lightning after the 2018 season, while Chicley retired cheap jerseys from china this year’s break to become a team member of the team.

“You have to mention this,” he said. “I am still saddened now. I lost a great friend, a brother, and I lost a great teammate. I played with him, studying him, Luke in 5 I have taught me in the season. I will do my best. Fortunately, he is still in the team, in the team base. So he may still show us in the training. So he still will Help answering any questions in the team, there is a problem related to playing with playing, so we are very happy to be. But as the last group of wire guards and the Thomas Davis and the Thomel Triple Combination I have to pick up the burden. So I have to fill the vacancy and become a leader. “

The best player of the Ninth Zhou Guolian Union announced

The best offensive players of the Ninth Zhou Guolian and the United Unitednly two won this honor for the second time this season. It will be a super bowl after less than three weeks ago.

The history of Soviet Woundment may have a certain impact in the alliance to make a ban on this banner’s defensive player. Su Suchen stepped on the offensive front line player Evan Dietrich-Smith, was banned after the Evan Dietrich-Smith arm. One year later, Su Bifu was kicking the four-dimensional Matt Schaub of Houston Texas, a fine of $ 30,000. Since 2010, this big head has been fined 7 times due to the violation of the player’s safety regulations.

Salunan believes that Hoyell needs to stand out for the team.

49 people come to Brian Hoyer how I think, we are hard to know. But they really have a high hope for this quarter-saving, but he has handed over his own career the worst first performance.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that NFL has been punished for 1 game for 1 game for 1 game for its stepping packworks in the Legs of Aaron Rodgers. After the Supreme Subes knocked Rogers, the playback lens showed this large head to back, two steps stepped on the injury between Rogers ankles and calf.

San Francisco 49 people abandoned to Mitch Wishnowsky Become a Best Technical Group Player in China. In the 28-25 defeating Arizona, the rookie completed 5 abandoned kicks, including 3 times in the opponent 20 yards, there was a long to 50 yards.

Harrison Butker, Kansas City, Barrison Butker, became the Best Technical Group Player. He played a key role in the 26-23 defeat Mingnesotavi. All 2 of the 2nd stage of Bucks Additional shot and all 4 times arbitrary ball shoots, including 44 yards of undersa. Buck has 14 points in the game, exceeding half of the chief score.