Recently, this 6-foot 5-inch weight 288 pound 3-year best defensive player told GQ magazine reporter his terrible recipe, and said that the diet is his second interest, he has to consume 5000 Carli’s food almost every day.

According to ESPN reporter US time, the crow is preparing to sign this four-point guard stayed in the new England Patriots and Texas. In 1 and a half months, Malitat was finally tetched by Texas because of the team aircraft to Miami.

Breakfast: Blueberry, strawberry with oats; 6 eggs; bananas, apples. Second meal: 4 eggs, 2 peanut butter bread, bananas and honey; jelly with whole wheat bread. Lunch: 3 chicken breasts with sputum, as well as Broccoli. Second meal: More chicken breasts and sweet pictures and carrots. Dinner: whole wheat pasta; grilled asparagus. The second dinner: the meat is equipped with italian; broccoli.

Saints coach: Will not take the main player to rest in the regular season

Like all teams that are about to welcome the regular season, the Saint New Orleans encounters some injuries. Among the team training reports on Wednesday, the four-point guards, MICHAEL Thomas, was listed as only part of training.

If the packaging works defeats the bad Detroit lions, the saints will be unrequited. If the package is winning the ball and 49 people are in the Seattle Hawks, the Saint is the second seed. If 49 people beat the Hawks and the packages will win the ball, then the saints will become three seeds.

Due to the main quartz, Joe-Flak (Joe Flacco), reimbursement, super-List.Info Subtock 4-point Swan Matt Shoubu (Matt Schaub) is poor on Sunday, the team has to enable rookie four-guard, while still Need to find new quarters to improve competitiveness.

Not just because he can break through the offensive line and then kill the quarter-saving, and you can complete the ball in the team offensive group. If you know his daily recipe, you will doubt that he is still human.

4-point guard: DEREK Carr, Auckland Assault

Run Guise: Branden Oliver, San Diego Lightning

Run Guard: Jerick McKinnon, Minnesota Viking

Extract: Sammy Watkins, Buffalo

External taken: Kelvin Benjamin, Carolina Black Panther

Extracry: Brandin Cooks, New Orleans Saints

Extracry: John Brown, Arizona

Close-edge: no

Attack cut: Taylor Lewan, Tennesi Toy

Offensive striker: Joel Bitonio, Cleveland Brown

Strong: Corey Linsley, Green Bay Packaging

Offensive striker: Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboy

Attack cut: Ju & Rsquo; Wuan James, Miami Dolphin

Defensive end: no

Defensive cutoff: Aaron Donald, St. Louis Ram

Overseas guard: Khalil Mack, Auckland raid

Overseas guards: Anthony Barr, Minnesota Viking

Internal Word: C.j. Mosley (C.J. MOSLEY), Baltimore Crow

Corner: Kyle Fuller, Chicago Bear

Security: Ha Ha Clinton-DIX, Green Bay Packaging

Abandoning the kick: Pat O & Rsquo; Donnell, Chicago Bear

Playing the ball: Chandler Catanzaro, Arizona

Back to attack: Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphin

Viking people send 97-year-old fans birthday gift: first watching the ball

Anna Burge will be 97 years old this year, she is the authentic Minnesotha, this week she will come to the scene to watch the game of Minnesota to the Champion of Po. Texas.

In today’s season, we have seen too many new show. They only found their position in the team with 8 weeks. A good start is half the success, I believe that the road in the future will go more and more smoothly. Let us now take a look at the best rookie lineup of the NFL official website.

Bill take over the best rookie lineup of wholesale nfl jerseys half

The rookie always brings expectations to the team, we have seen the offensive genius that is perfectly connected by Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck, and the team is perfectly connected to the team. Seeing like JJ Watt and Robert Quinn, it changes the super beast of the defensive group.

In fact, Anna became the fans of NFL after starting to play American football. After the 1961 Weinnan came to Minnesota, she began to become a loyal fan of Viking, she said Fran Tarkenton (Fran Tarkenton Is her favorite Viking player.

In the case of packaging workers and saints, Pelton may pay close attention to the score of the package of this game. If the package work has made great advantages early, he may choose to change the starter in the game.

In August this year, Anna came to the new home of Viking people, but she didn’t think of her own opportunity to watch the ball on the spot. It is reported that she was invited to watch the battle, the game was only 11 days from her 97th birthday.