Jet special service coordinator: cheap nfl jerseys need to change

The Stone of New York Jet is poor cheap jerseys this season. Last week, in the game with New York giants, wholesale jerseys online the opponent back Essence de Welne-Haris (DWAYNE HARRIS) completed the 80 yards back to attack. This also exposes two questions: 1. The team’s abandoning kick and the assault man showed bad. 2. The team’s special tactical arrangement is not properly arranged.

In addition, the jet special group has been punished for 3 fouls, including a violation of the rules, one offside and collision playing. At present, the team’s high-quality coordinator is Bobby April, Wholesale Jerseys from china free shipping and he said that the team will change in this week with Tennesi Titan.

Apli said: “We need to change. We may use some different players in this week.” Relevant persons believe that jets use some of the offensive groups and defensive groups to help the special team. According to the statistics of ESPN, the expected score of the high-tech group of the jet can only be ranked 30 in the league.