In addition to the long biography of DK-Metcalf, Wilson is particularly poor. He committed a lot of mistakes: Give Metkaw’s short pass by the ram player and returned to the array, and was killed 5 times, the pass success rate was only 40.7%, which was the lowest season. ESPN only gave him 17.6 QBR score, which is the fifth poor performance of his career.

The 37-year-old New Juste entered the 15th season of career. In his career, he was effective for many teams, including New York Jet, Tampawan Pirates, Arizona, Cincinnati, Dallas Cowboy, Chicago Bear and Auckland Assault. He played 3 games for the raid in the 2018 season, and he all 6 times, in which the distance is up to 52 yards, it successfully succeeded 4 times in the 5-year-old quantitative shot. Later, he was placed in the injury reserve because his hips were injured.

Queen Klivland Brown Sanzhi-Manzel participated in the player show Day event of San Diego University on Thursday. There is a scouting from at least 13 teams to watch. This 13 team is New England Patriot, Chicago Bear, Cleveland Brown, Los Angeles Lightning, New York, Kansas City Chief, New York Jet, Auckland Assistant, Tennesi Titan, Detroit Lion, Jacksonville America, Carolina Black Leopard and Tampawan Pirates.

Wilson’s poor performance can be attributed to the offensive front line, which makes him press the opponent in the highest at 43.8% attack in the season. But he did not excuse for a quarterition that is good at dealing with pressure.

cheap Nfl jerseys from china TV reporter Mike Garafolo and Ian Rapoport reported that the patriots expected to be signed by the old will play the ball McC-New Jent (Mike Nugent) ). In addition, they will also sign the Korenghoe Koo (Transliteration) into the spap group.

Manzell has previously been trained in Southern California. He hopes that it is now able to return after leaving the league in 2016. Since San Diego University lacks a quadrant, 25-year-old Manzell was invited to give two players who had hopes hoped at the end of Justin PREST (Justin Priest) and near-end – Pass Dwelley passed. He has been training with the two, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

The wounded four-point guards, Carson Palmer, very enjoyed their new teammates. Talking about the running guards who have won the 2000 yards in the season, Palmer said: “He is really, it is really suitable for the red fourth.”

The ram is a star defensive player Alon Donald to block the sea eagle attack. Wilson and teammates failed to seize Donald’s offens, until the fourth quarter was like a dream, but it was already too late.

In fact, the Mahms career has never lost 2 partitions in 2 fields. The chief has only lost only 1 field battle & mdash; & mdash; the 2014 season is also the final failure of the semi-finals, and the single game season is not exceeding 10 games. Only 5 consecutive seasons lost 1 field partition civil war is the longest record since 1970.

“I will drive here (San Diego) twice and six days a week, this is almost my schedule,” Manze said. “I am married. I live with my wife and my dog. I didn’t have a lot of time for 6 hours. I am satisfied with the status quo. I think everything is good, at this time this time this is coming to me now. The best situation. “

After the victory of the chief, the raids took the team bus around the emirate. The game was “Victory Parade”. Earlier this week, the Aid Reid had expressed dissatisfaction with this. However, Marhms believes that the team does not require additional driving force.

In the preseason with San Diego lightning, David Johnson, David Johnson, showed excellent, 13 shots to win 66 yards, and the code has reached 5.1 yard. After the game, Arreon also had a lot of prizes. During the tour, Arreon has not explicitly said who will be the main running guard of the new season. Andre Ellington has limited performance, which also provides two Johnson’s opportunities for impacting the first.

Chris Johnson will be absent from 1 to 2 weeks due to leg threadArizona Red Tit decided to give a new opportunity to run Krez Johnson, but for the latter, his own sagny career is not smooth. In the training of local time on Thursday, Johnson legs were injured in advance. Then, Bruce, Bruce, Arians, announced that Johnson will be at least 1 to 2 weeks.

“If you are not ready to play this game, face the partition opponent, facing a color team, you know that this game is significant for the ranking of the Melase West, then if you don’t have these awareness, then you have not participated Suitable movement, “Mahms said. “For me, this game is as important as the civil war in other partitions, no matter whether they have a victory parade.”

Quartz Walase Wilson: Haiying offensive group is poor in the playoffsA few months ago, the Russell Wilson took over the competition was the voices of the Vast Sida Vari Eagle fans. However, now in the playoffs, Wilson or the sea eagle can’t achieve expectations.

There are four other five opponents in the cholera, and 4 are now expected to enter the playoffs. If the raid is swept, then their leading advantages in the partition will be reduced to 1 game. And if you win, the chief will be very hoped to become a Melanie District championship for the fifth consecutive year.