[Event Review] Jaguo 6-0 zero seal pony

The American Tiger made a major Wholesale NFL Jerseys personnel this week, Wholesale NFL Jerseys put the original first quarter Week-Burtas (Blake Bortles) to the bench and enable Cody Kessler. In the end they were 6-0 wins in the Meijin Civil War of the Pony, and the five games of the other party also avoided their 8-game losing.

The Jirai Defensive Team played excellent, only allowed the small horse to advance 265 yards and had 3 killing and 1 copy. Although the offensive group plays only 211 yards, it is good to have a fatal mistake, and Kasler performs a rules in the rules and 240 yards in 24. In the end, the Jaguo defeated the horses with two remembers of 6-0.