At August, Fisotovic and Texas were renewed until the 2020 season. He completed 54 battles last season, got 559 yards and 4 reached. However, there is not yet with the rookie four-point guards Shaun Watson, and now the latter season is reimbursed, and the running only can wait for one.

“I feel good, my physical condition is very good.” Ferdovich said, “There is no way to go, and there is no problem in the game. No one wants to go to the injury reserve, this eight weeks are too painful.”

When I was asked, I was still a member of the Hawk next season, Carol didn’t answer: “Let’s walk, we will always prepare for the future, now I can’t tell you. What happens. But the team has begun to discuss this problem with Lin Qi. “There is a rumor that the Hawk plans to break up after the season. But with the deepening of the season, the team and fans realize that Lynch is an indispensable entrance. The team’s attitude is slowly changing.

Xie En – Vilin hopes to get 5 million contractsThe New England Patrioper’s Run-weighing-Vilin has set a goal for his own twitter, seeking a contract of 5 million per year, he wrote this: “Haha, not very certain, but Who doesn’t want? It is reported that Verin hopes to get a contract of 5 million US dollars. “

This season, Lin Qi took 17 times, and the ball is 1306 yards. The next season will be his 4 years of contract, and the Hawk will pay $ 6.5 million. If Linqi can continue to play as a Hawk player next season, he can get 2 million list bonuses. If you choose to travel during the break and Linqi, the Hawk can be 7 million rooms left for the salary cap.

Texas activated near-end windfelvicAfter ryan griffin Griffin entered the injury reserve list, the List of the Dezhou People’s Congress has a near-terminal C. J. Fedorovic (C. J. Fiedorowicz) returned.

Celebrating the Centennial Centennial Package will distribute home grass seeds to fansBeijing July 16th, Many Green Bay packaging fans have expressed their support for the team through a cheese-shaped headdress. Now they have the opportunity to collect another thing to prove their packaging fans identity.

Tiger Left Drugs Clint – Burling announced retirementBeijing July 16th, US Time, Monday, Tiger officially announced, decided to decide to retirerate the team’s effectiveness of the left-proof Clint Bolinger (CLINT BOLING).

The next month, Wilin will become a free player, and it will be a player who is very concerned with the free market. Because it is true that the value of his second round, his value is indeed, relative to the running guards in other free markets, The negotiation capital, the past two seasons have completed the record of 100 batches, which is very difficult for today’s NFL running guards.

Carol: Has been talking to Linqi to talk about contract issuesTuesday, Tuesday, Seattle Sea Eagle Catholic Pete Carroll said in an interview that the team has begun to talk to the contract of the contract with the contract.

Les originally banned two games in the Atlanta casino with its unmarried bodies in February, this penalty was reported in TMZ in TMZ last week to attack Janny Rice, resulting in Janay Rice. Her head hits the video that has lost their consciousness on the railing into an indefinite ban. Before TMZ exposure video, NFL announced the change of the alliance’s personal behavioral policy. In the open letter of the Alliance Owner, NFL President Roger GuDel apologized for his initial decision for the Less incident.

The crow runs to guard Llesi’s unlimited travel situation is expected to change Ray Rice has rarely showed the face since the Baltimore Crow and was banned by NFL indefinitely, and this situation will now be changed. Nfl Meida’s Ian Rapoport reports on Sunday, according to the news, the NFL player will appeal to Les on Monday, and the union will be punished for Les because the same mistake is punished twice. defend.

Burling himself said: “After 8 years of Wholesale nfl Jerseys, my health problem does not allow me to continue to play. This decision is not easy, but for me, my wife is Kelly Boling and two daughters are correct. The choice. I would like to thank the Brown family to give me the opportunity to play in the tiger, but also thank my teammates, coaches, fans and all those who have supported me. “

According to Green Bay local media reports, the package will hold a grand celebration ceremony on August 11th to celebrate the century of the team, including the hooded seeds of the Maibao Stadium in the free distribution.

Mike Brown gave the Burlings highly evaluation: “Clint is people who can rely on our people, and those who should be told. He has never obtained Reputation. Although excellent players are more or less underestimated, at least he is honored in the team. “