Because Bill moved to the New York jet to the Detroit, the team specially opened a web page in order to tell the fans. But the only problem is that the phone on the web does not only want the ticket center, but a home violent hotline in Ohio.

Manning is in the wild horse for four seasons (2012-2015), and the achievements are also historical levels. In these four seasons, the wild horses won a total of 50 regular seasons, won the Meixi championship 4 times, 2 Messian champions, a super bowl won.

Despite the entry of the Saving Hall of Run, I used the passage to make the opponent’s defensive group when I was suitable when I was in the right time. He has achieved 6 pass to reach in his career, including 3 times in the 1983 season. He was successfully passed on the season.

线 卫 冯 – Miller said: “This is Pedon Manning, before he joined, we have already heard him in the alliance’s reputation. & Hellip; & hellip; but he came here, every Individuals have an urgent feeling (for victory), not just offensive group or defensive group & hellip; & hellip; even coach also begins to coach & hellip; & hellip; this is Pedon Mann effect. “

In addition, Manning also created wholesale Nfl Jerseys single season records during this period: Passing 5477 yards, reaching 55 times (2013), Wild Mada has achieved 606 points a year, and still is still 600 points in the union. team.

According to news reports, this riot center received a call from a large number of Bill fans, they can only tell people that they don’t want to play this number, because they must keep the line to keep the route.

US time Monday is a voluntary training camp in Bill, apparently Watkins did not participate, players did not participate and was not surprised, but Watekins was absent. The reason was a bit dissatisfied. The 22-year-old player was taken in the US Tuesday, and a casino appeared in North Carolina.

At the group of professional football in front of the epidemic, the celebrity journey Marcus Alan (Marcus Allen) took the collective photo of the four-point guards of the famous Hall. And he now taunt this opportunity to ridicule his colleague.

You can guess answers if you don’t need to search. Allen will not send a photo in the famous guards in the celebrity hall without any reason and then mention quad-saving data. The highest-born person in this photo is of course him.

Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) said to this: “I have said, I will not tell if everyone needs to come here. I know that we don’t have 100% to Qi, but there are many people give After I call, this is coming, this is voluntary, of course I hope they can surprise you in the next season. “

Falcon New General Manager: Will definitely introduce new aid quadrant and external walkingSiwu Matt Ryan and Exterior Julio Jones are expected to lead Atlantan Falcon. But this will not stop the falcon from preparing for the future.

The chief team of the Emirates accepts an interview: “John and his team have done a lot of efforts for this big deal, and now they seem to be great, Elices is a smart guy, with rugby talents, attacked The recognition of members of the group, apparently he has the ability to become a legendary quarter-saving, and our team is very happy to make progress with Elices. “

In the photo, 8 famous halls are four-point guard, which is Warren Moon, Dan Fouts, Bob Griese, Dan Marino (Dan Marino) ), Joe Namath, Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach and Jim-Kelly. In the last side of Allen.

According to FOX Sports Reporter Mike, the news of the Kansas Star Release: The total value of the four-point Wei Alev – Smith (Alex Smith) has a total value of 48 million US dollars, of which 45 million US dollars are guaranteed.

“I often asked questions is, & lsquo; Hey, although you take over the soldiers, you are satisfied with Matt-Ren, would you like to choose a quarter-saving? Do you want to pick up your way? & Rsquo;” Fang Tainnot said. “Yes. Yes, yes, yes. We will definitely be attracted in these two locations, we will work hard to introduce competition. But I have a high evaluation of the players in these two positions.”

In February 2013, 30-year-old Smith was traded from 49 people in San Francisco to Kansas City. Smith is the 2005 championship, in San Francisco as a new show, his career has completed 17,593 yards, 104 reachable and 70 cases.

Smith has entered the contract from this season, and it is expected to earn $ 7.5 million. John Dorsey, the manager of the Emirates, said: “This big transaction is for a longer time for the team to ensure that Smith is a long time. And Smith has proven that he can become a leader on the court. He has a lot of unique personal talents, and we hope to stay these wealth. “

1 year agoAfter Become a Falcon New General Manager, Terry Fontenot has emphasized the introduction of four-point guard. However, although there are excellent external connections such as Calvin Ridley in addition to Jones, Fang Na Note expressed the same plan to introduce external hands.