America Tiger quartz guards visiting Thunderbird Flight Performance Team won the pilot praise

In an impressive rookie season, Gardner – repairing (Gardner Minshew) show unparalleled calm performance.

The Jacksonville American Tiger 4 divided not only in the stadium, but also in the cabin.

8 years agoLast month, I visited the US Air Force Raybird Flight Performance Team and experienced the blue sky with the fighter. At that time, Kevin Difalco, cheap nfl jerseys who was driving the F-16 fighter, praised the performance of Ming Xiu in this flight.

“We are very excited Gardner accepted our invitation,” Difaerke representation. “He is very good, he is really good. You can see that he is very powerful. Most of our actions require high G Li Lace, he is great. I am very impressed.”

“If you score from 1 to 10, I will give him a total of 10 points. He loves all actions. Some people will be a little nervous, but he is not nervous.”

Unlike some famous celebrities, Ming Xiu did not feel the halo or faint.

“Sometimes people may not like to roll actions and high G force actions, so we do everything to fly in these public relations,” Difarco said. “Is to show us what we do in F-16. If they feel uncomfortable, we will choose not to perform a specific action.”

“Gardner very excited every action he wants more. The upper limit of this aircraft G-force of 9.0, but occasionally the plane will bear a little more.”

Now, cheap nfl jerseys it is easy to repair from the cabin back to the court. He needs to compete for the team’s first quarter-off position in the offset season. He can help him at any time.