It turned out that because the cold weather plus his own rushing too much, Rayxi met asthma. Raybi said after the game: “In fact, my body can participate in the competition, but & hellip; & hellip; the only problem is to breathe, of course, this is only a problem of breathing, but there is no relationship with the body status, but I still can’t Taking this risk, so I have accepted medical examination, and things are like this. “

Although the passenger is pursued, the name of Viking people has not changed. They could not organize Cam-Newton (Cam Newton) at critical moments, although Newton’s pass data appeared ugly, but the role of the 62-yard rush is not sorry. In the face of the defenders of Viking, the black panther finally acquired 216 yards. The reason why I keep them in the top three is because this is the first taste since 10.1. Next, their schedule can’t say easy: the passenger will fight the red skin, the home welcomes the union, and the three guests face the three teams are more than a few teams (lions, falcon, black pantry).

As for the Wenz intentional team, Indiana Polis Pony is always considered one of them, because they need to reinvigify the four-guard position and the coach Frank Reich has worked with Wenz. They will consider all four-point guards that can be introduced this year. In addition, other teams are interested in Wenz.

Salunam said: “We are likely (transaction Gude Temperature), yes. Valuable players will not be lost by it. We will first let him come back to compete, if the effect is not satisfactory, we still have possible trading. He. Many possibilities are still there, I have no exact answer now. “

Jackson said in an interview with ESPN reporter: “I don’t mind below these people. But this score is a bit & hellip; & hellip; I don’t think I have only 94, I feel at least a little higher. But it doesn’t matter, at least one year ago, then Good year. So I don’t mind. “

Wenz was signed with the eagle in 2019 with a $ 128 million contract. Due to the problem of contract structure, it is almost impossible to cut off Wenz. But before the 10 million US dollars in March 19, he would make the eagle to make the eagle only need a redundant salary space of $ 33.8 million, and the new team will bear a $ 25.4 million salary this year. The remaining contract worth $ 98.4 million.

Packaging Cooperation is asthma in Yesterday.The Green Bay packaging team runs Dead Reedie Lacy why the reason why it is returned in the middle of the Darlas denim game last day. The score of the packaging work is to a large extent to be attributed to the amazing performance of Leis, and he won 45 yards through 7 shots, but after this, he disappeared until the middle section of the second section returned to people. The sight is among the lines.

49 people have an open attitude towards the trading external hand49 people won’t take the initiative to take the outside of Macchies – Marquise Goodwin, but will not refuse to provide an exchanging application for attractive chips.

At the time of being asked and Wenz will still stay in the new season, Hiriani said: “I can’t answer this question.” When he accepted other interviews, he said that he would launch the first quadrant position. Open competition.

When the ram is the first round of the first round of the first round, 1 third round of draft and the price of Jarid Goff is exchanged in Stafford, what is still unclear Wenz will The price code is traded. But this price must be enough to give the eagle to give up a player who believes in the new season to participate in the first quadrant position.

There is definitely someone wants to say: the eagle should not only fall so! Carson Wentz season reimbursement, Nick Foles, a quadruption of four-defense, should be lower! But these people must also consider it: Falls are not a brilliant history when they start, and even create history. Halfway replacement is still not going to the final team, everyone clearly clears the story of Braddy and Cheap Jerseys From China the 2001 pagodies, but this is not the only one. 1971 Cowboy was originally four-point guards in Craig Morton & Hellip; & hellip; finally quarter-saving to Roger Staubach, but they still hold Lombardi Cup . The next year. The invincible Dolphin regular match Most time quartz is Earl Morrall, Moral, also started a partition, but the super bowl did not. In 1980, the raid person first quartz-Pastorini was injured, they were replaced with the four-point guardian Jim-Plan, and finally defeated Philadelphia in the super bowl. . Doug-Williams is a superb bowl of 22 MVP, but he has only played two regular games that year. The 1990 giant chooses to let Jeff Hostetler, Phil Simms, and PHIL SIMMS. In 1999, the raw green was injured in Trent Green, and Kurt Warner was therefore got opportunities. The great story behind will know everyone know. Trent Dilfer also won the victory in the second year of defense. Although the eagle may not be the most powerful competitor, they have not quit. This is a football.