LeBron James: Manzell will change your behaviorLeBron James signed the four-dimensional Ni-Mangan-Manzel, which was signed in January 2014, said that his market supervisor has expressed concern about this Brown science .

After the US Time, James expressed his views on Wednes, “I think this is more Manzell’s personal behavior. But I am not sure, I don’t know all the details, I don’t hear some things, I don’t hear some things. There are always some people who have tried to do something on behalf of him, I believe he will find these people, this is what we all hope. “

Metz took the sixth round by the Philadelphia eagle in 2008 and played two seasons in Philadelphia, and came to Denver’s wild horse three seasons, and then played 13 games in Houstown in Houstown last season.

It is still not sure that Metz will play Sunday’s game (5-3), and the chief hope can eventually let Mezh Maugh, Moq, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo, Moq (Josh Mauga). Buffalo is more concerned about Justin Houston. This white hot chieftain has taken 12 times this year, Houston is expected to break the Emirates by Derrick-Thomas (Derrick) The team history of Thomas has recorded 20 times.

The chief is activated from the injury list.Joe Mays, Kansas, Joe Mays, ready to return, and the team announced on Saturday that the old war line is activated from the injury list due to wrist surgery in 8 games this season.

The division of 22 points is also the maximum difference between Patrick Mahomes as the first four-point guard. Hill said, “Training” in the abnormal effort after the global “, the goal is to let the chief enter the super bowl in the third year of a consecutive bowl.

But the goals of both parties are more salary and more time longer. Considering that the same player Patrick Mahomes will also open the process of continuation, the sooner of the Texas people completed the negotiations. On the other hand, the cowboy is also agreeing with Dak Prescott before the 7.15 deadline. The annual salary of Prescot is expected to be around $ 35 million, while Mahms and Wo Tursen’s annual salary may exceed 40 million.

When I was interviewed on Friday, Watson said that the left side of the Laremy Tunsil, the high-payingment of the high paying, and it is more confident: “We are all excited. Time will prove everything, Now we have to make sure you are in the right track. We will win a lot of competitions, win a lot of champions, Wholesale Jerseys will continue to talk about business. “

Terrek Hill: Take harmonious training after super bowlIn the last super bowl, the chieftain 31-9 did not have a pirate, the defending trial was not successful. This has also become the driving force of Travis Kelce, and the same idea, and Tyreek Hill.

Black Leopard young corner Korman will significantly payCarolina Black Leopard Corner Wan-Norman has recently received a good news, because he is in the first three years of the team, his salary growth rate can be on the original basis. Raise 59%, so that Norman’s annual salary can soared from the initial 66,000 US dollars to 15.74 million.

This is the League’s “Proven Performance Escalator” issued in 2011, mainly to protect the 3rd to 7th round of the interests. If this rookie can participate in the team’s 35% of the attack or defense, the terms can take effect in the two seasons in the first three seasons.

Norman is the 5th round of the black panther 2012, although the position is not high, Norman has gradually established his position in the team with his own efforts. This season, Norman has become an indispensable member of the Black Leopard, and he often used to defend the other side’s number one. For example, in this season, the Leopard team twice to the Arranite Falcon, Norman took the other side of the star, Julio Jones, limited to only 10 batches and 117 yards, without reaching.