Saints restructured four-point Website contracts more salary space

Beijing March 15th Xin Orleans Saints took a part of the salary space.

wholesale nfl jerseys online TV Net Reporter Tom Pelissero rebuilt the contract of Drew Brees in the Saint-Saint-Brees in accordance with the insider news, saving 10.8 million shipping space.

This restructuring contract is just that this year’s salary space, Brisse will receive $ 23 million in salary this year, and the restructuring has pushed 2020 salary.

Before the reorganization, the Saint Salary Space is only 49.87 million US dollars. Saints need space to reneware Teddy Bridgewater, chasing near-end Harid Jared Cook and nba jerseys china Zigang Ziggy Ansah .

In the case of 40 years old in Bris, the saints are trying to upgrade lineups to enter the super bowl again. They need more salary space to do this.

Usually, such a restructuring contract is not a big news, but Bris’s contract has made everything deserves.

Brisked the current contract in last year, the contract with the 4020 contract options that can be abolished to share the salary space occupied by his 2-year contract bonus. This restructuring contract made Even Brisses have no contract next year, he will still occupy more than 20 million US dollars next year. If Bris decided to continue to play next season, then the saints thought that better ways to reduce the impact on salary space next year.

But at least now, the saints can put more attention to the crown.