10 months agoThe US Bowl Preteen Tour was held in 1986 to 2005, which was held outside the United States. The original purpose was originally built to promote American football to the whole world. The US bowl started with the celebration in the same week. At this time, the team did not start laying, still a list of 90 people. From 1986 to 2003, at least a US bowl season tournament was held in each season, and 4 games were taken in the 1990s. Not held in 2004, the last game is the 2005 vinated eagle and the pony game.

Michael Vik’s history is not open in the history of the Falcon. It is also an inspirational star in the history of NFL. The banner of 6 partial district champions and the national union championship in the wall of the Falcon, the latest three sides belong to Len, before One side belongs to Vic. Vik performance is stunning in the rookie training camp, Wholesale Jerseys 40 yards 4.33 seconds are already the fastest quartz of history, and the 2001 election becomes a champion to franchise. In 2002, Vik became the first quarter-off, and the team entered the playoffs; he was injured in the 2003 season; Vik, who was injured in the 2004 season, to the peak of his career, lead the team to get 11-5 achievements become a national leader number Seed, but unfortunately lost in the national contest. Wik, who has just started to come to life in the career, may not think of itself, 2005 season, you have to fly over 11041.7 kilometers to Tokyo, participate in the US Bowl Quartet Tour.

And the NFL International Series is much richer, this event can be said to be the successor of the American bowl season. Since 2007, 24 teams have participated in, a total of 18 games, 17 of which in the UK, 1 in Mexico. The biggest winner in the International Series is Jacksonville American Tiger, the Wemblestu Stadium in London, England is their second home, although the team’s record has no improvement in the past few years, but the inclusive British people will give them the greatest support.

If Smith can return to 49 people, it will be a good opportunity for the team, because the current 49 second line defense is one of the worst teams of the league, they let the opponents completed 299 code biography ball.

As far as everything, Jackson can receive the possibility of the team invitation. The NFL Alliance does not welcome high-age running guards, especially in the past few years, the Alliance team likes to find some valuable rookie runners at the end of the election.

Japan’s earliest NFL game dates back to 1976, the two parties of the game are St. Louis, and San Diego lightning. At the time, the two teams have been moved from the original city, and the Tokyo, the Tokyo, which is held in this competition, also demolished in 1988, and the Tokyo Juji has become the main land of NFL Japanese events. From 1989 to 2005, a total of 12 NFL games were held in Tokyo, 20 NFL teams entered into this stadium.

Atlantan Femplay Watcade: How far is China from NFL?Before the 51st super bowl, Atlantan Fematch did not have any fans found in China, the Saint, the new Orleans, Carolina, and even Tampawan pirates more topic than this falcon. In the 2014 season, the entire National Liannan District is like a mud; the Falcon and the black panther suddenly bought out, and finally the black panther stood a super bowl stage; the Falcon in the 2016 season finally met what is “Ice” Matt – Roen, the first exterior of the league, Hurio Jones, no one. Although the Falcon did not win the super bowl, their performance is enough to leave a deep brand in the heart of the fans. Some fans in the morning can also say that “Tony Gonzale” is famous, but very few people know that the Falcon is more than ten years from China’s nearest NFL team, approximately 1200 km.

September 2006 NFL President Roger Gudel announced the opening of the “NFL Europa” league, and the US bowl season is over. Since this, the NFL preseason has almost no longer appeared in the United States, and the NFL regular season is replaced. There are two overseas events, one is the “Buffalo Toronto Series”, another is a well-known “NFL International Series”. The Buffalobell team has established an overseas home in Canada and played 2 precautions (winning) and six regular sessions (1 victory) in 2008 to 2013. Perhaps because the record of overseas is too shameful, this event is terminated.

According to informed people, the entire event stems from last Friday, when Rogers Kromuri left the team training. In Sunday’s game, he angry his helmet on the field and returned to the locker room when the game was not ended, teammates and coaches considered him to leave the stadium. His behavior on Friday and Sunday caused McCadu to talk to him on Tuesday and told him that he would not enter the list of appearances. He will also be fined by leaving training in advance on Friday. Rogers Krom 3 participated in the team’s defensive group meeting on Wednes, but left, clear the wardrobe and left the team base. This behavior leads to the team’s decision to punish him. At the same time, the giant did not plan to cut him or trad him. On the contrary, they are willing to welcome him after he banned.