The difference between an internal conflict and an external conflict is:

An internal conflict takes place within a character, but an external conflict takes place between a character and a group, a force of nature, or another character.

Every story contains its characters, a plot and a setting. What makes the story interesting and attracts the audience is the conflict. Any struggle between the opposing force is known as a conflict that against one or more forces the main character struggles. The story lay with no purpose or point without any conflict. Conflicts invoke the eagerness in the reader to take car care that what might happen next with the character.

There are two types of conflicts:

External and internal conflicts.

External conflict refers to the forces outside the body of the character encountering with the main character. It mainly occurs when the protagonist struggles against its opposition, antagonist. External conflict may also arise due to society, nature or anything else.

Internal conflict refers to the inner struggle of the character. The internal characteristics make the character look more graphic and thoughtful.  Internal conflict refers to the state of mind which results in a struggle of opposing impulses and demands.