The total cost of the ribbons bought by the craft club is  $283,5. After the project there will be 114 meters of ribbon left

Further explanation


1 spool of ribbon = 6.75 m

A craft club buys 21 spools

Cost of ribbon = $2

The club uses 76.54 meters to complete a project.


How much ribbon will be left?

Step-by-step explanation:

First step, with the information given, we will calculate how many meters of ribbon bought by the craft clubboxed {21 spools times 6.75 m }\ boxed {= 141.75 m }

to find out how much the total cost, we are going to multiply the total length of the ribbon bought with the price per meter.

Total cost = length of the ribbon bought x Price/meter

                 boxed {= 141.75  times 2 }\boxed {=283.5 }

Here how to multiply the decimal numbers. We don’t need to line up the decimal place. Multiplying decimal numbers is the same way as the whole number multiplication but don’t forget to put the decimal point in the answer.

 6.75                      ⇒  2 decimal place

     21       x             ⇒  no decimal place



141.75                     ⇒  2 decimal place

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