Eagle and quadruptions of Kakanson – Wenz signed a contract for four years of $ 128 million contract

Beijing June 7 hearing on Thursday US time, according to ESPN correspondent reports, has been with the Eagles quarterback Carson – signed a new four-year contract, salary $ 128 million Wentz (Carson Wentz), including over 1.07 Billion US dollar guarantee. After all incentive clauses, the salary can reach approximately 144 million US dollars. Plus his rookie contract’s remainder, Wenz is currently 6 years, with a total salary of $ 154 million.

Of course, this behavior is not allowed in the game. The main referee has severely federately violently federate the provocative behavior of Robinson; & mdash; expelled appearance. This situation is very rare in the quarter competition, no one will look at the season of the preseason, and even face the risk of being banned.

Conflict Hawks Corner hyperviscular

On August 8th, Beijing time, Denver Mangma team defeated Seattle Hawks at home. The competition is thrilling, you come to me to go to the abnormalities, the score is also very tight. In the third quarter, there is still 10 minutes and 44 seconds, the wild horse team runs the Kapri Bibbs to launch an impact to the sea eagle Detan, and the process is neverthened, and there is a chaos in the array. They all go to the ball, the referee will immediately let the recording are pronounced. At this point, the Haiying’s corner of Sincere-Simon is a dispute in Gerell Robinson, and pushes each other and provocation.

“(Manning) leadership covered rooms and teams are very wonderful,” Aliis said. “From he asked other players to see something. I am sure Tom Braddy has a lot of similar requirements. Although I will only get along with him for a while, he will have the same leadership.”

In the 49th Super Bowl Competition just ended, the new England Patriots team quartz, Tom Brady, was rated as the 49th Super Bowl MVP with the excellent performance of the audience. This game, Brady passed 328 yards and sent 4 times to the governor of the unruly.

Thomas’s 4 seasons were played in the wildlim team, becoming the reliable target of PEYTON Manning in the three gear and red. Thomas won 24 times a total of 24 times in the past two seasons, and Wholesale nfl jerseys became one of the best red zone artifacts in the Alliance. His arrival will provide a reliable ball goal for the second-grade quadrant Blake Bortles.

Previously, the eagle has implemented the fifth year of Wenz Rookie Contract. However, Howie Roseman, the team executive vice president, although Wenz has been reimbursed in the injury season for two consecutive years, but he will not have any hesitation in renewal.

The 26-year-old Thomas has been frequent with the American tiger, while the Auckland raid team and the Seattle Hawk have contact him. Although the wild horse tries to leave Thomas, it is limited by the salary cap and then puts it in the free player market after using the privilege label for Demaryius Thomas.

Valenti has experienced rich in law enforcement competitions. In the past five seasons, she is responsible for the work of instant video playback. Before that, he served as a referee for the United Rugby League (UFL) that has been dissolved in 2009, which made her a female referee in the first law enforcement football competition. In 2015, she became the best referee of the indoor football alliance.

“We have a great dressing room, but now I have a 6-time player who wins the super bowl. A best player in history?” Aliis said. “When he talks, others will listen. This is different cheap jerseys from china the coach. I think it is for us, the coach needs to build a link with these players, so you give them autonomy. You ask them questions. You Want to do things? So if they think they are willing to participate actively, they will deliver information to other players. They will pass your information to other players. There is Tom after Tom. “

Pirate coach: Tom Braddy brings excellent leadership for the team

Beijing June 5th, Tampawan Pirate Coach Bruce Alice has not been able to see Tom Brady’s training, but he has seen the leadership brought by Braddy.