Murray: china jerseys paypal This is a new beginning for everyone.

Chip Kelly leaving the Philadelphia eagle, reliable wholesale jersey sites which seems to have a transfer to the career of the Demarco Murray. Murray also expressed their views on Kelly in an interview and expectations to future.

Murray said: “You will never want a similar thing to happen to anyone. But no matter what to say, this is a new beginning for everyone.” Murray revealed in the interview, in Kelly I have been talking to the other party, but he refused to reveal who would contact the other party first.

This season Murrefa has proposed only 45.2 yards, the rush is 3.5 yards, wholesale jerseys from china only 5 times. As a league of the federation of the last season, Murray has a game in 1970 in the absence of a game in 1970, and only 633 yards. Murray is still full of confidence in the future: “We can still do better.” Last year, Murray and the eagle have been agreed for 5 years, the contract worth $ 40 million, and best site for cheap nfl jerseys both sides hope to continue working.