I’m going to talk about how global warming occurs on Earth, how human activity has contributed to global climate change, and how global climate change affects marine primary productivity and marine animal migration.


  First of all, I need to talk about what is that thing called “Global Warming” and why it occurs in whole world. Let’s start talking about milions time ago. In that era, there were some animals that we now well nowadays “The Dinossaurs”. There were so many species about this, and there were living together, with a synergy of food, interaction and occupation of spaces between them. But, for one reason, the temperature, the weather have changed, the foods were running out and they began to disappear until they reached extinction. Global warming is a natural thing that occurs in nature.

  The Global warming always exixted in our Planet, but, for sure, on proportional scales. After milion times, the human beings appear and started to grow in a fast way. Then we had the Industrial Revolution, that turned on and accelerated the development machine and consequently, more emissions of pollutant gases into the environment and in our planet. Parallel to that, many animals disappeared and were extinct. The emission about these polluentes was one of the reasons about this happening.

  Consequently about that, the temperatures increased, some animals migrated from one region to another and the temperature about the oceans increased too. This rise about it contributed to global climate chage, marine primary productivity and marine animal migration. Some animals in the ocean, rivers and lakes are disappearing over the years and this event contributes to this changes mentioned above.