Patriot defensive players have not got any super bowls MVP votesBeijing February 6th, in the lowest superstext in history, the new England patriots let the League offense The second Los Angeles ram is only 3 points and in the fourth quarter. But in the end MVP, the MVP was issued to the outer hand Julian – Julian EDELMAN.

49 people sitting at home have been suffering from extremely serious injuries. This round is just Joe Staley and DEE FORD’s lack of attack and defense. The team is huge. Advance needs to be adjusted by Justin Skule and Alik Armstead. In terms of packaging work, after a week, the team will come to kick the museum in a more spiritual look, and more healthy devards – Adams may end to break your score?

[Pre-match] Twelfth Week Round: San Francisco 49 people vs Green Bay PackagingSunday, the Sunday game will be launched by the current National Union, and the league temporary adjustment schedule is to send this visual feast to the fan.

Not just because he can break through the offensive line and then kill the quarter-saving, and you can complete the ball in the team offensive group. If you know his daily recipe, you will doubt that he is still human.

According to NFL spokesperson, Edelman is not unanimously selected as MVP, but most people in the 16-person selection team give him a ticket. But no one will give the ticket to the patriot defensive player.

Denver’s Wild Horse’s running guard CJ Anderson pushed 72 yards in 18 holding balls in the game, helping the team win the United States champion at 20-1 18, and the US time he shared a match on his instagram on Tuesday. Post Brundi and your own dialogue.

After the game, Brady said: “CJ You are proved to people on the road, let them know that they are wrong, the alliance is wrong, I like your sports way, continue to cheer.” Anderson To mention this encouragement is obviously touching.

Ermann 10 times in the game 141 yards and completed the critical ball, of course, it is worth gaining most of the MVP votes, but how can no one considers the patriot defensive player? STEPHON GILMORE, line Wendong Tower – Heili (DONT & # 39; A Hightower) provides a key manifestation for the victory of patriots.

Hopkins said that it is herself who can negotiate to get a new contract “90%” is himself. He hopes that he will negotiate because he hopes to participate in the team operation after the player’s career.

Beckham said: “Just as I said, everyone knows what happened on the court, everyone can see it, even Stevie Wonder can see all this. I I can’t do anything, I don’t know why, why do you always get two things, I can fix it all, I have to say, I have to defend myself, not I am complaining. “

“This is the ability to master the dominance. It is the ability I believe that I have learned the contract terms. I know what I want to do after the player’s career.” Hopkins said on Tuesday. “I know that there is one day I want to become a team of a team and contribute to the team, so I think this is a good opportunity to learn everything, I hope that there is a day I can do all these things.”

Only 11 non-offensive group players in the history of 53 years have won MVP. The last one is the 50th Super Bowl of Denver Music, Miller, Miller. Since the 37th Super Bowl of Tampawan Pirate Safety DemnTexTer Jackson, there has been no defensive guards have become a super bowl MVP.

Recently, this 6-foot 5-inch weight 288 pound 3-year best defensive player told GQ magazine reporter his terrible recipe, and said that the diet is his second interest, he has to consume 5000 Carli’s food almost every day.

“There are a lot of things to read, and I have learned all the terms in many nights,” Hopkins said. “My consultant, the team I have, they support me and have worked with me for many years. They are not just a consultant or my family and tutor.”

Breakfast: Blueberry, strawberry with oats; 6 eggs; bananas, apples. Second meal: 4 eggs, 2 peanut butter bread, bananas and honey; jelly with whole wheat bread. Lunch: 3 chicken breasts with sputum, as well as Broccoli. Second meal: More chicken breasts and sweet pictures and carrots. Dinner: whole wheat pasta; grilled asparagus. The second dinner: the meat is equipped with italian; broccoli.

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“I think there is also to show other players. If you believe in yourself and have a suitable team, you can do these things by yourself. The broker is great. I am not a criticizer, not for me, for me. I feel dissatisfied. I have no holiday with them. This is what I want to do it yourself. “