1. C. Boiling point

2. D. Chemical reactivity

3. A. gold

4. C. magnetism

5. B. physical

6. A. color

7. A. physical only

8. D. chemical; high

9. C. high melting point

10. D. flammability


1. Boiling point is a temperature at which a matter changes its state from liquid to vapor therefore it is a physical property of matter

2. Chemical reactivity defines the ability to break or make bonds in a given chemical reaction for any matter therefore it is a chemical property of matter.

3. Melting point of gold is 1064°C for water it is 100°C, Oxygen is in gaseous form at room temperature and mercury is in liquid form at room temperature.

4. Magnetism is a physical property induced by electric charge in motion which leads to repulsive or attractive forces between objects.

5. Physical properties of any matter does not change with weight.

6. Color is a physical property on any matter.

7. Physical properties of any matter are not dependent on its amount and shape.

8. Burning of a matter produces different substance therefore burning is chemical property of matter and as gasoline burns easily, it has high flammability.

9. Melting point is a physical property of matter.

10. Flammability is chemical property on matter.