1. Several species of warblers can live in the same spruce tree only because they occupy different niche within the tree.

2. An interaction in which an animal feeds on plants is called herbivory.

3. A wolf pack hunts, kills, and feeds on a moose. In this interaction, the wolves are predators.

Further Explanation:

1. The place of residence of a particular species is known as its habitat. It is the address of a species. However, the niche (profession) determines the role as well as the position of the species and the way in which it interacts with the surroundings. The niche of two species can never be same. Thus, as described in the given case, several species of warblers live in the same habitat (spruce tree) as the niche occupied by one differs from that of another.

2. On the basis of organic food, from which the animals acquire the nutrients essential for their growth and development, they are categorized as herbivores, carnivores, and decomposers. The animals that obtain organic molecules from plants are called herbivores. Thus, the interaction, wherein the animals feed on the plants is called herbivory. Carnivory is the interaction, in which the animals consume other animals. Parasitism is the interaction, in which one animal (parasite) lives in or on another organism and causes harm to it. In symbiosis, both the interacting species gains benefit from the interaction.

3. The organism that feeds on another organism is called predator. The organism that is eaten up by the predator is called prey. In the given case, the wolf pack is the predator whereas the moose is the prey.

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Habitat, niche, species interaction, carnivory, symbiosis, parasitism, herbivory, prey, mutualism, host.