Arreons said: “The current situation makes me feel very shocked. Jim did very good during the advice, he made an incredible good grade. In my opinion, the failure of a season is not enough to deny his previous achievements. He laid a solid foundation for the team. This season’s performance may just be accidental. He really brought a lot of new things for this team. “

Hubble led 49 people in the past three years to kill the National Federation Championship, which also entered the superb bowl experience. Before the game, the Hubble team took 41 victories, only 14 games lost. As the best coach in 2011, it is very likely that he is very likely after the season. The best coach in 2012, Arean is looking forward to led the red scitch to create brilliant.

Arean is shocked by the situation of HubbleThis week, the opponent of Arizona’s rickets will be 49 people in San Francisco. This may be Jim Harbaugh to participate in the last game of 49 people. In the interview before the competition, the Red Champiarism Bruce, Bruce Aria, said that he was surprised to Habble’s current situation.

Andy Reid said on Wednesday’s press conference that corner Mark Pites will fight against the Sunday’s competition against the Auckland raid by the team. The ban is from his behavior in the New York jet competition last week.

In addition, Chuck Pagano announced that the main defensive end of Arthur-Jones was still affected by an ankle injury, and this scene was in trouble. In addition, the offensive front line three players Gosder Charilus, Jake Mewhrt and Hugh Thornton have injured, starting safety Swan Mac – Adams (Mike ADAMS is also troubled by an ankle injury.

“Although I retired there, I will continue to meet with the eagle teammates, coaches and fans. There have been many media reporters and fans asked me how to plan me next season. I decided to tell them in this way. . Waiting for the next season, wait until the sports return, wait until the isolation is over! “

US time on Thursday, Kelsea expresses the wish of 2020 to continue to fight through Instagram, but he has made a small trap: first announced no longer the wrist, and then said that he will continue to play football.

Denver wild horse defensive guards Carrim Jackson became the best defensive player of the United States. He played out in the 38-24 defending Houston Texas. In addition to obtaining 11 times, 1 case has caused the number of damage to the number and 3 destroyed passes, he also got a copy of the copy and 1 time to rush back the ball right to attack 70 code.

As the third corner guard of the pony, Badler is still in this season. It has been in the last week of Houstown’s contest, and his lack will have a certain impact on the rotation of the second line of the small horse, but good at the top of the tiger. wide receiver AJ- Green (AJGreen) will be sidelined because of a foot injury , relieve the pressure pony anti- pass some extent .

This happens to be any corner guard, whether it is a rookie or others, and the mentality of every week. Maybe Rogers will test Ramsea in the early days of the game. Maybe he even specifically for Ramse. Rams can only worry about this attack and defense in front of them, otherwise he will be defeated.

Atlantan Fematch Kicks Hand Pennshan (YOUNE KOO) became the best special team player in China. In the 40-20 defending Carolina’s black panther, he dedicated a full-energy performance. He completed all 4 arbitrage shoots and all 4 times of additional shooting gates, got 16 points. In addition, he also grabbed the ball right when he defeated his opponent.

In the first defense of swallowing, teammates Steven Nelson are in terms of fourth conversion because the defenders are sentenced to regulations, Pites throws the referee throwing the yellow flag that throws the audience. Pites has been sentenced to non-sports moral behavior and self-departure to the locker room from being exposed. When he learned that it was not expelled, Pites did not wear socks and returned to the field, but did not return to the game.

The fourteenth week, the best players of the United States of America, the best players announcedTennesi Titan quarter-free Ryan Tannehill became the best offensive player of Mei Week. In the competition of the team 42-21 defeat the Auckland raid, he has successfully obtained 391 yards 3 times in the 391 yard 3 times, and the four-point guards reached 140.4. This is his sixth game in this season.

In the season, they will face the Aaron Rodgers and the most excellent offensive group of the Union, which is a difficult first step for the young defensive group of the Americas. Yes, Rogers played last season than ever, but now the packaging work welcomes Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, finally restores health and Eddie Lacy. Reproduction.

Pittsburgh steel people took over and kicked back to DiOhnson, which became the Best Technical Group player of Mei Week. In the team 23-17, Johnson completed the 85-drawn kick from the first quarter. This is the second long discovery and kickback of the steel people, and the longest abandonment of the kick.