Spagovolo has only achieved 10 wins and 38 losses in the ram of 3 years, except for the first year and last year, in the first year and 2 victories in the first year and the last year. The current question is whether other teams will give him a chance to become a coach, or think that he is just an excellent defensive coordinator.

In the Thomas career, countless coaches and management personnel came again. They promised to lead Brown out of the predicament, but everyone failed to fulfill their promises. But Thomas is still adhering to, in each game, he fully dedicates high level performance.

Pony three grades players: I am taken outside the number one.The pony is deeper than the outer hand, and the team has two top external classes that Legie Wayne and Hakiem Nicks. When I asked the team’s third grade TY-Hilton who was the team’s number, he worked unexpectedly, “I am the number of the number of the pony.”

In 2007, the first round of the first round of the first round, the selected Thomas rapidly played rapidly in the rookie season, although Brown is one of the most unsuccessful teams in the Union, he selected professional bowls for 10 consecutive years and 6 times into the best lineup.

Although since the Brown fans since 1999, he had a darkness of the world, and he spent every loss. Looking at the child’s growth, I don’t know what is glorious. But fortunately, they also have Joe-Thomas. He gave the Brown fans with glorious reasons

For the experience of the draft, Hilton recalled. “I was injured at the time of the draft. So I have already expected my jump, but I know where I want to go. I want to let me haven’t chose. The team pays a price, I think so, it is also doing this. ” Hilton’s progress was very fast, but he did not set a clear goal to the next 2014 season. For the performance of Hilton, Chuck Pagano is also full of praise. “He never stopped giving us surprises. He is really a sports genius. His present, I am very assured that the attack team is in the event, Because he can always receive some incredible balls.

Eagle, Wilson’s contractual problem is still the focus of the team’s recent attention. Both sides hope to continue the next, but still have differences on time and amount. At present, the two sides still take longer to complete the corresponding procedures.

In late October, after the four-point Swan Allen and Derek Anderson were injured, Bill was urgently signed this 28-year-old quarter. Barkley has gained the first opportunity at the 10th week, and team 41-10 wins the New York jet. In that game, Buckley passed 60%, promoted 232 yards, reached 2 times.

Sea Eagle Renewal Substitute 4 points Wei Jackson Tuesday, Tuesday, Seattle Hawks announced the agreement with the old Tarvaris Jackson. In the past two seasons, Jackson has made a lot of Russell Wilson, which made a lot in the game, which also enabled him to win the trust of the team.

Since 2013, the Philadelphia Eagle is selected, this is already the seventh team of Barkley. He has signed two years of contract with 49 people in 2017. In 2018, he signed a contract with the tiger, but it was cut off before the beginning of the regular season.

Although Jackson only passed 14 times in the past two seasons, he is still happy to stay in the sea eagle. At present, there is R.j. Archer. Jackson’s career has spent the first five seasons in Minnesota, 2011 in Pitt Carroll, first-in-hand of the first 14 times. This old will enter the league’s 9 years, during the journey, once approached Miami dolphins, but eventually returned to the Hawks.

Hilton said in an interview in training: “We have three very good ball. But there is no doubt that I am the best one. What you have to do is prepared, look at my performance. “This self-confidence in Hilton is from a new show from him to cheap nfl jerseys with him. Although Hilton was selected by the pony team in the third round of the third round, but the result of successful boller in the past two seasons, the result of promoting the 12 Dove of the 12 Dali is enough to make him proud. You know, there is no one to reach his height in the third grade player who entered the alliance in the same year.

“Oh, of course,” Spagovo said in an interview. “Listening, my wishes and enthusiasm will never change. But I will say this … I am a lucky person, I have got the current work. If God doesn’t arrange me to get the coach opportunity, then I also accept. If I am really Can have a chance to be great, if not, then I am also very fortunate to get the current position. “

Spagovolo has now received a 2nd super bowl of champion, and he has served as a coach in St. Louis Roos and served as a temporary coach of New York Giants. After helping the Chief Defense Group made progress, he may start again.

This is often implicit to retire to the first clear expressed hope to fight for 40 years old. If you play a 5-year ball, he will be 41 years when retiring. When he still exerts a professional bowl level, the steel man should be willing to let him continue to serve as the first. However, the problem is that when Rudolph grows, can he continue to occupy the first four-defense position?