Most players have a deeper. Not much of the highlights in several young lines: because the first line of Jahiri Davis, Jahlani Tavai and Jaylani Tavai, Jahlani Tavai Jalen Reeves-Maybin performance can be used, and contributes 4 times and 5 times respectively.

Baldwen also said that the Darrelle Revis, which defended his new England Patriots, to defend him, or one of the reasons why it makes it. “The whole game is very intense, and I am very hard to get up to reach, so I need to vent it with my way.”

“We are very excited to renew with De Lanny,” Jon Robinson, Jon Robinson, is expressed in the statement. “He is an important member of our offensive group. He is well known to Titan’s team philosophy. We expect that he continues to play in the fans in the future.”

Matthew Career The best season was 2016. He completed 65 battles in that year, advanced 945 yards, reached 9 times. He only walked 8 games last season & mdash; & mdash; 3 games in Titan, then apply for an unfasten attack character, then You will play 5 games for the jet.

Texas people, the first wave of attack, the four-point guards DESON WATSON and the exterior Tendre Hopkins have the leading two people who want to be, first 13 yards brought, then 4 yards pass to the game for this game Texas first attack on the perfect sentence. In the first wave of attack, the rush of the lion is slightly slightly slightly, in the case of pocket, Watson once again showed his own good pass, 60 yards and 1 passed forward . At the same time, this also shows how to continue to maintain the current offensive momentum when facing the fierce punching is a problem that the coach group needs to be solved. During the competition, this year’s first round of Show offensive cutting Titz-Howard is in the middle of the game, it is reported in advance, which reports, Howard hand injured, the fastest next Monday can return.

US time on Thursday, Saints signed the old will take away Rase de Shade – Rishard Matthews. Matthew was 29 years old this year, it was originally a seven round show in the Dolphin in 2012, which has also been effective for Titan and jet.

In addition, Adams also is also expected to join the pilot team in the Miami University of Miami, if the two old alumni can reunite in the end of the career, it is undoubtedly a fun thing. In terms of offensive, the pony hopes to introduce the old San Francisco 49 people ‘s Frank Gore and Andre Johnson, the Houstown Trin, and Andre Johnson.

Adams, who is about 34 years old, can be said to be strong, cheap nfl jerseys he rely on the excellent performance of last season, and will be selected for a career bowl in the 11 years of career. Adams participated in all 16 games in the last season, but also completed the 93th cockroaches of the creative career, but also sent the first 7 cases of the first column.

Walker spent 7 seasons in San Francisco, in 2013, he added Titan in 2013. Last season, he ranked first in all neighborhoods in the Alliance in the League, his number of balls and 1088 yards were set up in the team record. He will create a new number of balls and the number of job codes in each season in the 3 seasons of Titan.

Galert is an important member of the Brown Defensive Group. At present, he has completed 9.5 times, and the first column first. Others add up to 12.5 times. Galt’s forced the number of times (4) is also the most alliance.

Brown Defensive Didway Feng Meries – Galt is added to new crown reservesUS Time Friday, Brown will be a list of new crown reserves to defend the farewell Myles Garrett. This also means that Galt will absent this Sunday to the eagle.

Haiying Bao De Tong finally apologized to the outside world Seattle Hawks, Doug Baldwin, who had a $ 11025 ticket opened in the ultimate union shortly after the end of the super bowl, because he made an indecent in the third quarter. Celebration action. Baldwin himself finally expressed his apologies to the public after the ticket was opened for half a month.

“I realize my own mistakes now. If the time can be rushed, I will never do it so much. That is a realistic action in the game, the game is very nervous, especially in that case, many things are difficult to control, So that is not my idea. Although I did that action, it didn’t act against anyone. “