Steelman wire Wei James – Harrison denied using banned drugs

In the swornbook sent to wholesale nfl jerseys online by NFL players, Pittsburgh Harrison denied that he received anti-drug allegations in a documentary taken by the US TV US section.

Harrison said in the oath, he never seen it never contracted the documentary, claimed to provide Tracs SLY.

“As a professional athlete, I have seen thousands of people in my career,” Harrison wrote. “But according to what I know and my memory, I have never seen a name of Charles Sley …” Harrison then said that he did not think of Slee and never had any form of contact with Silla. . He also denying or receiving ban.

After the report of the peninsula TV station, Sili recovered his remarks. In addition to Harrison, Denver wild horse that has retired, Pen Buddha, cheap nfl jerseys not from china Peyton Manning, Green Bay Packaging Wire, Ginger, Matthews, and Julus Peppers (Julius Peppers) And the free player Mike NEL is also mentioned in the report.

Last month, NFL notified the player’s meeting, called Harrison, Matthews and Pepez in the first day of their respective training camps. Neil’s Interview will be arranged on July 22 or before. In addition, the alliance also said they plan to talk about Manning.