The current virtual training program lasts three weeks, including remote guidance, training, and non-rugby education projects. The teams can give the players, such as the burner, resistance band, apple watches, etc., but each person’s equipment will not exceed $ 1,500.

With the departure of Romo, who will be your next goal? Who will fill the position of Romo to become the next back pot? This is really a problem! And this problem is becoming more serious, because everyone’s most optimistic Jay Cutler may not be black! For more than 10 years, Romo and Cutler have always been the laughter in the league. What should I do now?

The prior to Sherman training is labeled as “non-injured relationship”, but the injury report of non-public players is clearly violated by the Alliance Regulations. All of this must have a lighter punishment, but the Hawk needs to face all this.

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters report, NFL and players will agree, will open voluntary training projects on April 20. However, training can only be carried out in a remote conference, and there will be no training in the player before the facility is allowed to be reopened.

If the team facilities cannot be open as scheduled, the team will have a second option. The club can organize a mini training camp through a virtual platform, which will contain two-hour teaching and two-hour training.

Prescott is likely to inherit the clothes of Romo, after all, everyone hates the quarter-saving, especially when you are still an excellent quadrant. But it is still too early. Wenston quickly showed his head corner in the league, but there were some fans or as he just entered the league, always ready to find him. He has always observed.

Jet near-end Feng Amaro injury season reimbursementThe New York Jet near Tung Eas – Amaro’s second season has not started, and it has ended. Tuesday, Todd Bowles announced that this two-round rookie last season will be injured in shoulders, which will lead to surgery, which will also lead to his absent 2015 season.

loser? Compared to Romo, this word may be more suitable for you. Have you been a fans who are almost sick despise Luo Mo? Is this handsome, rich, successful man with all the qualities you hate the US team? Don’t worry, there is no hushing action here. Black Romo can be said to be the biggest pastime in a professional fans in the past decade. I don’t participate in it, but I have to say this is a very interesting thing.

Despite the list of players who have been determined in the event website, I have boiled it last month to take 40 yards for 10,000 US dollars and anyone to make the outside world to pay attention to the New Orleans Saint Outside the New Orleans. (TED GINN) did not participate in this competition. Other entrants also include Saint-Run, Alvin Kamara, New York Jet, Robby, Anderson, Denver Musk, Junan, Denver, Mohammad (Khalfani Muhammad) ), Chicago Xionghe Wei John – John Franklin, San Francisco 49 people take over Rich-James, Minnesota Weikong takes hands, Jeff Badet, and teammates – Waynes, Free players, Waijun, Jalen MYRICK, Rashard Robinson, Charles James and Trell Sincfield (Terrell Sinkfield.

Bradford may be the lowest price in this generation, but this is undoubtedly because of his own defects, but he still appears in a blacklist of many people. Last summer, Michael Bennett also said that Braford was the world of Joe Montina. Bradford is fortunate to get out of the people’s grievances from Philadelphia, and as the initial calm session in Minnesota. He is not the person we have to find.

The organizers of this payment watch announced that Gude will receive $ 1 million, and the winner of the two rounds will win the 20,000 yuan bonus, and the third round of the winner will win $ 50,000 bonus. .

49 people take over Gu Dewen win 40 yards sprint contest championJune 30, San Francisco’s 49 people took over, and it was also the Olympic Games, Marquise Goodwin won the 40-yard gold contest, which was defeated in this 40-yard sprint. Other NFL players.

Amaro’s rookie season has fluctuated, but still shows a good ability. His best performance is the 6th week with Denver’s wild horse, completed 10 battles, and promoted 68 yards with 1 time. Last season, he completed 38 battles, promoted 345 yards, contributing to 2 times.

Amaro was injured in the first week of the preseason, but the people were injured in the game of the Detroit Lion, but everyone thought that this injury was not a problem. Last week Amaro also said: “Everything is in a good direction.” However, after a week, he regrets goodbye to the new season. After losing Alumal, the jet lost the corresponding ball in the proximal front position. In the close-end position, the team is currently Jeff Cumberland, Kellen Davis, Arther Lynch, and West Saxo. WES SAXTON.

Ryan is absolutely the first person in the rank, you have to understand that there will be no one in these people will become the whole people’s pole. Ruck is a talent young man dragged behind the legs. Rivers are too happy, Www.seawayads.Ca let alone who will go to the father of a born child? Carl is the most promising tomorrow star of the league, and excellent morality. Fraco was disliked by some people because of a big contract, but he got a championship after all. Any feel that Elays should not rank it before, refused to admit that he got two super bowls of MVP. Parm is a bit different, because he has been struggling in the spring playoffs, but he has been very good for more than 15 years of football career, and it doesn’t make trouble.