Old will safely 卫 卫 埃 韦德尔 退 退

US Time Thursday, 35-year-old Safety Wei Rick Wedr (Eric Weddle) announced its own decommissioned decision. This old will fight for 13 years in NFL, once the power of lightning, crow, and ram.

Pro Bowl a new round of tallies released

Today announced the official Wholesale Nfl Jerseys in Pro Bowl voting this season, this time the statistics as of the date on Sunday. The Pro Bowl this season and the Super Bowl last year in the same year, the venue, the game time is Beijing time at 7:00 on January 26, 2015, this year canceled the League of Nations and the American League against the partition. Let us look at the total number of votes so far before ten.

The second-line defensive strength of Wadere is commendation, where there is his movement. In the past nine years, Wadere was selected in a career bowl, 2 times a big choice, and the 2011 CD is the whole league. In the past 13 years, Wader has played a 2010 regular season, completed 1179 times, 99 destroyed passes, 29 copies, 9.5 擒 擒, 8 times forced the ball, 7 times to get the ball, 5 times . During the 9th quarter, Wadere completed a copy, 2 times.

Baxiya is an indispensable player in the packaging. In the past five seasons, he is the absolute starting point of the offensive front line, only 6 games were absent, and was selected as a professional bowl player in the 2016 season.

On August 4th training, the left tamper, the first left cutaway, David Bakhtiari, regression. Although it is unknown whether to restore the training, his fire returns to the packaging worker is a good news. To know that he is pushed away from the venue when he was injured.

“Whether he participated or not participating in the training camp, it depends on things,” Reide is expressed in local media. “So we will continue to work, I hope he can participate in training at the beginning of the training camp.”

Defensive Dragonfly Avo Robinson (A & # 39; Shawn Robinson) was placed in a non-football injury on Saturday. According to the Sen Mcvay, Saan Mcvay revealed that Robson was absent due to the recent health issues, and his return is still unable to determine. McDene did not disclose Robinson’s specific health reasons, but acknowledged that he might absent the game.

If the two sides cannot reach a long-term contract before July 15, Houston will only accept the privileged player contract for a 1 year worth $ 13.1 million. If Houston is planning to sign this contract, he can wait until the end of the season, do this again. In fact, the differences between the two sides may go to Houston to return to the team until the beginning of the regular season, this is another privileged player, Dallas denim, dez bryant, is considering.

“We will look forward to returning at some time in the new season. When is it, I don’t know more,” Macie said. “… This is really not very worried, I am more really funny. We can understand the specific details early. I am really satisfied with this way of dealing with this matter. But this We surprised us. We did not expect to this matter. “

The ram signed a 2-year contract with Robinson this year. He was selected by the Detroit Dioni in 2016 and for them for 4 years. He played 58 games for the lion, including 37 games, a total of 172 cockroaches, including 16 causing the number of damage, and cheap nfl jerseys 5 kills.

Chief coach: I believe that the line Wei Houston signs new approximately before the training camp

Kansas City Emirates Justin Houston has no body contrary, and has not signed a privileged player contract, and does not participate in the mini training camp this week. But the head coach Andy Reid is still optimistic that he will see Houston in the training camp.