“I told him to forget the past,” Dafili said. “I said, & lsquo; brother, you have spent a tough season. From a psychological perspective. From the perspective of your body, your shoulders need recovery. But you have to spend a few weeks to clean your thoughts. & Rsquo;”

When the training camp started, Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles will compete, only one person can become the first quarter-off at the beginning of the new season. We have heard the excitement of two people for competition, but this week we first heard the competition in the four-point guards.

Breddy restructuring contract, annual salary rose one million

In order to let the New England Patriots can get a larger salary space during the tour, the four-point Wei Tom Bradi will agree with the team this week, he will have an existing contract. Recombination. According to NFL official website reporters, Braddy will adjust the guaranteed income in the original contract as injury income.

Many people who have considered competitive victory have been determined from Falls who are traded to the bear team. However, Difllio still expects two people to play their best levels and stage a wonderful competition.

Although the dolphins offensive front lines are poor and there is not much offensive weapon available, it is clear that Fitz Patrick can rely on experience to make dolphins more opportunities to win. If Fitz Patrick is full of games in the game, or the dolphins can get the first season. However, in the face of Bill, which has one of the best defensive groups of the Alliance, the pressure in Fitz Patrick is not small.

Breddy’s four people did not participate in the patriot Thursday training

Because the patriot and dolphins are in Monday night, they did not provide injuries report on Wednesday. But on Thursday, Braddy appeared in the column of training.

Other three missing players are: Right cutamor Markus – MARCUS Cannon (ankle), he has been absent cheap jerseys from china the past four games; Line Well-Vannuo (Kyle Van Noy) ) (Calf) and defensive end – Delitrich Wise (Foot).

In the game, in Washington Red Pie, Fitz Patrick instead of Josh Rosen in the fourth quarter and hits the score. In front of the game, Florez announced that Rosen will serve the first quarter-off at the rest of the season, and after the game, Rosen is still the first quarter. It seems that he changed the idea.

“This means that we have passion for the game. We have a lot of vitality,” Dafili said. “We are the same every day. But we will bring some confidence when we walk, know that we have the best quadrant position of the National Football League.”

The Braddy, which is now 37, does not have any salary due to this restructuring, in fact, his annual salary will therefore rose 1 million. According to the latest contract, he will take 8 million in 2015. Take 9 million in 2016. If it can be effective to 2017, he will harvest the last 10 million.

Dafili has worked in Philadelphia eagle and Jacksonville American Tiger and Falls in the 2017 season and 2019. The two have won the championship in the 2017 season. He knows that Falls can play a best level when needed.

In the original contract, Braddy will receive $ 24 million in guarantee income, but after the restructuring contract, the money turns a injury income. This means that Braddy can only get this 24 million in the case of fulfilling a complete contract or injury. Once the contract period, Braddy has been contained by the patriot, he will only get part of this money due to poor performance or other reasons. For Patriot, this will help the team save $ 16 million salary space in the next three years.

In the game against the red leather, under the leadership of Fitz Patrick, the Dolphin Offensive Group is indeed more smooth. When Russen came, he had successfully obtained the 85 yards of the 25th pass for 15 times, and the four-point guards were only 32.9. Fitz Patrick completed the team in the fourth section of success. He has successfully achieved 1 time in 12 times, and the quarter-off guards reached 106.7.

But Turbuski needs to prove that they have the same ability. The first suggestion of Dafili to the former is to spend calm thinking, and then strive to play the best performance in this critical season.